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Jul 132012
Still More on Solar Storms - the Experts Don't Know What's Happening

Up front disclaimer – we don’t think that our power grid will fail this coming weekend.  But – and here’s the thing that applies to all prudent prepping – we don’t know for sure, one way or the other.  Anything that is unknown but possible is exactly that – a possibility, and we need to keep all possibilities in mind and assign varying degrees of priority to the risks they represent and the appropriate way […]

Jul 122012
Is All Gold Really Only Fool's Gold

What is the real difference between ‘real’ gold and ‘fool’s gold’ (Iron Pyrites)?  Sure, real gold is very expensive and iron pyrites is close to worthless, but why is gold so expensive and why are so many preppers so fixated on gold? We can’t really answer the latter question, but we can provide reasons why you should ignore anything to do with gold as part of your preparations for an adverse future. In short, real […]

Jul 112012
Dangerous Solar Flares to Reach Maximum in 2013

Solar flares interfere with radio communications to a greater or lesser extent (depending on the magnitude of the flare), and potentially to other electrical and electronic equipment as well, including causing the loss of power to all of Quebec in 1989. With our increasingly connected world, the potential for greater damage from solar flares seems to be increasing. And talking about increasing, solar activity follows an eleven year cycle.  We are nearing the peak of […]

Jul 112012
Using a Defense Model to Calculate Minimum Community Size

As we’ve several times detailed, to create a secure retreat, you need some sort of community defense program – either in the form of a suitable sized group sharing your retreat with you, or by forming a local ‘neighborhood watch’ program, albeit on steroids and armed for bear. If we calculate the minimum size of security force we need, we can extrapolate from that to get an ideal of the minimum size that a group […]

Jul 112012
Why People Will Steal Your Food - And Everything Else - in a Level 2/3 Situation

(Note – it might be helpful to refresh your understanding of what we define as Level 1, 2 and 3 events.) The main challenge you will have in a Level 2 situation is security.  While you probably will have food and energy supplies for a year or two (or three….), most ‘normal’ unprepared people have no energy stockpiles and little food.  Within a week, most people will be increasingly forced to ‘forage’ for their food – and we […]

Jul 112012
What Sort of Weather to Hope For at a Retreat Location

In an earlier part of this article series – Weather Considerations When Choosing a Retreat – we explained how weather is probably the most important issue to consider and optimize when selecting a favorable location for your retreat.  Hopefully you’re now persuaded of that fact. So, given that choosing a ‘good weather’ location is vitally important, perhaps now we need to consider what exactly ‘good’ weather is. This might seem simplistic.  We know good weather […]

Jul 112012
Evaluating and Assessing Weather Issues and Vulnerabilities

At the time of writing this, parts of the midwest (most notably Wyoming) are suffering major agricultural/economic impacts due to suffering the worst drought in ten years. Excuse us?  The worst drought in ten years?  The worst drought in 100 years – they could be excused for being tripped up by that.  Many of us would even allow a person the benefit of the doubt for the worst drought in 50 years.  But to be […]

Jul 102012
Why Normal Building Design Should Not be Used When Constructing a Retreat

Modern housing is built to a reasonable standard, but embodies a number of design compromises and choices which will not be optimum in a Level 2/3 situation. Let’s look at some of the underlying assumptions that are embodied in modern housing design, and how these assumptions – while perfectly valid for normal house construction and normal situations – do not stand up to the special needs we have for a retreat. After understanding why normal […]

Jul 092012
40,000+ Known Computer Controlled Systems at Risk of Hacker Attack Worldwide

Power plants.  Water treatment facilities.  Hospitals.  Forensic labs.  Rail and road traffic control systems.  Flood control systems.  Wind farms.  Automatic door openers.  Building energy management systems. What do all these types of devices have in common?  They, and many other devices are all controlled by electronic controllers – no surprise there.  But the dismaying thing is that the electronic controllers are connected to the internet. If you know the system’s IP address, the port it […]

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