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Aug 212012
Underground Survival Bunkers - Good Idea or Bad?

Many people associate prepping with building a ‘Doomsday Bunker’ – some sort of reinforced concrete or steel bunker, and buried underground.  These are sometimes primarily intended as nuclear and fallout shelters, but the companies building them come up with many other reasons and benefits to their underground bunkers, including tornado and storm shelters – but probably not flood shelters. In reality, such devices are a very small part – and often play no part at […]

Aug 112012
What is Old Becomes New Again

We all know that with clothing, it pays to keep old clothes that go out of fashion because in a decade or so, they’ll come back into fashion.  I have ties in my wardrobe that have been in and out of fashion regularly – well, with ties, there’s only so much that can change, of course – wide or thin. However, this is not an article about fashion and clothing.  We’re writing about building materials, […]

Aug 032012
Should You Accept Additional People Into Your Community After TSHTF?

Let’s say that TSHTF and we find ourselves deep into not just the brown stuff but an extended Level 2, possibly a Level 3 situation.  Fortunately, you have the supplies and the skills necessary to ensure the probable survival of you and the other members of your group. So far, so good. But what about the other people, everyone and everywhere else in the country?  They have neither the supplies nor the skills, and they […]

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