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Mar 052013
The Need to Prioritize Your Prepping

Unless you are blessed with a major seven-figure net worth that you can immediately allocate to your prepping, you need to make choices about what prepping activities you can do and can not do. Indeed, even if you do have millions of dollars free to invest in prepping, you still have time and resource constraints.  You can’t just snap your fingers and have an instant, fully equipped, fully self-contained retreat appear in a flash of […]

Mar 042013
An Essential Tool if You Have Indoor Fires

So there you are, all hunkered down in your retreat.  The temperature is below freezing outside, but you’re happy and warm inside, both because your dwelling is ultra-insulated and also because you’ve a nice low-tech fire burning in the fireplace, providing a warm cheery ambiance and keeping you all nice and toasty. That’s a nice mental image, isn’t it.  And if you have an open fire in an open fireplace, you’re probably okay, but many people – […]

Mar 032013
Living Closely Together - Harder Than You Think

Did you know the biggest problem that happily married people have?  It is not being forced to spend time apart.  Quite the opposite.  The biggest problem is spending ‘too much’ time together! This sure sounds counter-intuitive, and maybe it depends on how you define ‘happily married’ and ‘too much time together’.  But consistently, surveys suggest that problems arise in many marriages when the couple spends an unusually greater amount of time together than normal.  This […]

Mar 022013
Managing the Members of Your Prepper Community

If you follow our advice, you will seek to create or join a community retreat of like-minded folk rather than attempt to survive on your lonesome. The inescapable reality is that one person, one couple, one family, even one extended group of family and friends; all these small groupings of people are probably too small to viably survive a Level 3 and possible even a shorter Level 2 scenario (defined here).  See our section on […]

Mar 022013
Chinese Cyber-Terrorists Could Destroy Our Natural Gas Pipelines

Due to its current abundance and low-cost per unit of energy, the US is becoming increasingly dependent on natural gas. Already, 30% of all electricity comes from power stations burning natural gas.  Conversion programs to convert buses and trucks from diesel to natural gas are becoming increasingly popular due to the massive cost savings operators can quickly get from their investments.  And if you have gas to your residence, you know that the cost of […]

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