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Jun 172013
The Local Cost of Living as a Factor in Choosing a Retreat Location

Whether you’re looking at a retreat in a nearby state, or a far-away country, one of the issues to consider is how much the cost of living will be. For sure, WTSHTF, there will be a massive rewrite of the cost of living equation, with unpredictable and uncertain results into a Level 2 and/or 3 situation.  But if you’re considering spending time at your retreat prior to a Level 2 or 3 situation, then the […]

Jun 122013
How Safe is it to Live Close to a Nuclear Power Plant?

Even the most stubborn of non-prepper types might be worried about living too close to a nuclear power plant. Indeed, the concerns about safety are not just at a personal level (some people attempt to keep their distance from nuclear power plants) but also at a national level – many countries forbid their construction, and more recently, some countries which have been reliant on nuclear power for a substantial part of their total electricity needs […]

Jun 102013
Population Trends 2000 - 2010

We’ve written regularly about the importance of population density when choosing a retreat location. But there’s more to population density than just looking at the density of an area at a given instant in time.  Is the population increasing or decreasing?  That may impact on the future population density that you can anticipate to evolve.  And there is a very different dynamic in a region with rapidly growing population than a region which is steadily […]

Jun 102013
An Interesting Everyday Example of Computer Vulnerability

We’ve written before about the vulnerabilities and threats to our society posed by hackers wreaking mischief on our nation’s computer-controlled infrastructure. The problem that exists is visualizing and comprehending the open-ended nature of such threats.  Any computing device, no matter how simple, or ‘safe’ it might seem, including devices that we don’t even think of as being computers, is/are vulnerable to hacker attack. It is one thing to guard against known threats and risks, but […]

Jun 092013
How Rural Is Your Retreat's Region?

One of the most essential tenets of prepping is that you need a retreat that is in a rural area, away from population concentrations and big cities. It is fairly obvious when a region has too dense a population; when it is too ‘citified’.  But how can one measure the degree of rurality (is that actually a word?) or ruralness (another word the spell checker doesn’t like) of the region you are considering for your […]

Jun 092013
Three Examples of Identifying Rural Regions

This is the second part of a two-part article about determining the rural character of any given region and therefore, its derivative suitability as a retreat location for prepper purposes. If you arrived here direct from another site’s link or search engine, we’d recommend you first read the first part – How Rural is Your Retreat’s Region – and then come back here to read this second part. The Index of Relative Rurality In 2006, […]

Jun 052013
A Reader Writes :  Prepping for African-Americans on a Very Low Budget

We received an interesting email from a reader – let’s call him Bill.  He writes : My family and I are well aware of what is coming down the pike in terms of serious unrest due to a collapsed society.  However we are barely making it financially due to low paying jobs and we have no savings. We would like to know how can we begin to prepare and most importantly how can we use […]

Jun 042013
Storing Electricity Part 1 of 4

In our amazing modern life, we seldom pause to consider all the ‘behind the scenes’ miracles that are being worked for our benefit – all the things which could fail, might fail, and probably will fail in a Level 2/3 scenario. Of all these blessings that we take for granted, perhaps none is greater than the miracle of electricity.  For most of us, nearly all the time, we can plug anything into any wall socket […]

Jun 042013
Using Batteries to Store Electricity

This is the second part of a four-part article series about how to store electricity (better thought of as storing energy rather than electricity per se).  If you arrived directly here from a link or search engine, you might wish to start from the first part of the series here, then read on sequentially through this article and the balance of the series. Lead-acid batteries use a technology that has been around since the mid […]

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