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Aug 032014
Making Your Retreat Energy Efficient - Awnings, Brise Soleils, Shades and Verandas

Many of the preferred locations for prepper retreats are in areas that have substantial swings in temperatures between hot summers (daytime temperatures often in the 90s and sometimes exceeding 100) and cold winters (where temperatures seldom rise above freezing, even in the middle of the day). That’s no big deal when you have unlimited utility power for heating and cooling, limited only by your ability to pay the electricity or gas bill each month.  But […]

Aug 032014
A Prepper's Buying Guide to Binoculars

One of the most useful pieces of ‘force multiplying’ equipment in your prepper kit is a good pair of binoculars. Unfortunately, many people have little idea of what makes a pair of binoculars good or not so good, and with mass marketed binoculars usually being low quality, few people appreciate how helpful a good pair of binoculars can be when it comes to boosting your range of vision.  Furthermore, very few of the many different […]

Aug 022014
Using a Supplementary Illumination Device with your Night Vision Gear

In theory, a good night vision device will be operated in passive mode, and is able to brighten up very dimly lit scenes to a point where you can usefully understand what it is showing you. In reality, many times this is not possible, either because there is too little light, or because the light, while present, is ‘wrong’. By that we mean light sources in the background can drown out the details in the […]

Aug 012014
The Undetectable Computer Virus that Might Already Be Lurking On Your Computer

As preppers, we anticipate, plan, and prepare for a strategic failure in some part of our national critical infrastructure, no matter what the cause or what the specific failure may be. Some risks are obvious.  But as prudent preppers, we also look to find and consider all risks, including those thought to be remote and unlikely.  Some risks are subtle and generally little considered, even though they could potentially be devastating in their consequences, and […]

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