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Aug 032014
Prepper Alert :  The Return and Resurgence of the 9mm Caliber Pistols

This week saw a watershed event in the never-ending debate about pistol calibers. But first, let’s put this week’s development into historical context and perspective.  Until the 1980s, most police departments were issued with six round revolvers, usually chambered in .38 Spl or possibly .357 magnum.  A few police departments were cautiously – indeed, hesitantly – experimenting with semi-auto pistols; in particular, early model Smith & Wesson semi-autos, chambered in 9mm.  And, overlaying it all, […]

Aug 032014
A Prepper's Buying Guide to Binoculars

One of the most useful pieces of ‘force multiplying’ equipment in your prepper kit is a good pair of binoculars. Unfortunately, many people have little idea of what makes a pair of binoculars good or not so good, and with mass marketed binoculars usually being low quality, few people appreciate how helpful a good pair of binoculars can be when it comes to boosting your range of vision.  Furthermore, very few of the many different […]

Aug 022014
Using a Supplementary Illumination Device with your Night Vision Gear

In theory, a good night vision device will be operated in passive mode, and is able to brighten up very dimly lit scenes to a point where you can usefully understand what it is showing you. In reality, many times this is not possible, either because there is too little light, or because the light, while present, is ‘wrong’. By that we mean light sources in the background can drown out the details in the […]

Jul 202014
Shotguns for Preppers - Choosing the Shotshells for Your Shotgun

Unlike shotguns, once you’ve chosen a rifle or pistol, you have few choices for the type of ammunition you shoot. Okay, maybe you can choose between hollow point and solid, and a few other tweaks like that, and maybe you have a few choices of bullet weight, and (at least in theory – in practice most cartridges are loaded at close to standard maximum all the time) the amount of powder used in the cartridge, but […]

Jul 192014
Choosing Rifles For Your Retreat

Rifles are perhaps the least glamorous of the three major categories of firearms (the other two categories being handguns and shotguns). Many people over-inflate the value of both pistols (in terms of range, accuracy and lethality) and shotguns (again in the same three categories) and many people overlook rifles, or consider them too specialized. But, in reality, if you were to have only one firearm at your retreat, it should be a rifle, which is […]

Aug 272013
The Government - More Ready to Help Us than Ever Before

We all know about the dreadful ammo shortage that has plagued the country for the last nine months.  Less well-known is the reason for this – sure, a lot of people bought extra ammo after last December’s school shooting in CT, fearing new government restrictions, but the biggest reason for the continuing ammo shortage seems to be massive buying by the federal government. You may have read about the billions of rounds of ammo being […]

Jul 172013
The Enormous Lie That We Hear Too Often

We hear this lie way too often, and sadly we see some people base their future plans on the lie.  Don’t fall for this trap. So, what is the lie?  Go to any gun rights forum and you’ll see it in its purest form.  In the context of gun rights, its purest form is someone asserting, not as a joke but as an apparent truth ‘they’ll take my gun from me only when they pry […]

May 052013
Designing Your Retreat to Protect it Against Low Velocity Ballistic Attack

You probably already know that your retreat needs to be reasonably protected against high velocity ballistic attack, which is a fancy way of saying it should be more or less ‘bullet-proof’.  But have you thought about low velocity attacks? What do we mean by low velocity attacks?  We mean instead of having small rapidly moving things (ie bullets) impacting on the side of your retreat and possibly penetrating through the walls, having much larger but […]

May 012013
Transportation and Roading Implications for Your Retreat Location

You have a difficult balancing act to carry out when choosing your retreat location. You don’t want to be too close to major population centers, because they largely comprise an overwhelming number of people who can not support themselves in a crisis and who will be forced to do whatever it takes to survive – even if that extends to harming other people and taking their food and shelter from them. On the other hand, […]

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