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Aug 292014
Japanese Govt Urges Citizens to Stockpile One Month Toilet Paper Supply

A little known side effect of the March 2011 earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear power plant problems in Japan was a shortage of toilet paper that affected the entire country. Japan has had toilet paper shortages before, back in the oil crisis of 1973 (you never thought that expensive and scarce oil would create a toilet paper shortage, did you!) and so the nation has become particularly sensitized to the potential of future shortages.  As a […]

Aug 262014
eBooks or Dead Trees?  Maintaining a Prepper Library

Are you building up a library of prepper resource materials?  You definitely should be. If you’re like us, you probably already have somewhere between hundreds of thousands and literally millions of pages of resource material, spanning tens or even hundreds of gigabytes of data on your hard drives.  It is very easy to download and save material from many different sites and sources. If you’re like us, you’ve maybe also bought some CDs or DVDs […]

May 082014
Are the Feds Secretly Preppers?

Although there are plenty of people who are concerned that the Feds are indeed secretly preparing for future problems (ie, not in the way we might wish and hope for), maybe we should also be pleased to learn of such things.  Is it possible the Feds have both a bug-out plan and also a distant safe retreat for us all?  Or, at least, for some lucky souls among us? Here’s an interesting article which, on […]

Apr 252014
Code Green Prep :  A Look Back at Our Second Year

Just over a year ago, we were writing a retrospective on our first year, and it seems appropriate to give you a second ‘annual report’ of sorts. It has been a strange year in many respects.  The ammo shortage that appeared after the Sandy Hook shooting in December 2012 has lingered much longer than anyone would have ever expected, although the occasional reports of government departments buying extraordinarily huge quantities of ammunition probably provide some […]

Aug 272013
The Government - More Ready to Help Us than Ever Before

We all know about the dreadful ammo shortage that has plagued the country for the last nine months.  Less well-known is the reason for this – sure, a lot of people bought extra ammo after last December’s school shooting in CT, fearing new government restrictions, but the biggest reason for the continuing ammo shortage seems to be massive buying by the federal government. You may have read about the billions of rounds of ammo being […]

Jun 052013
A Reader Writes :  Prepping for African-Americans on a Very Low Budget

We received an interesting email from a reader – let’s call him Bill.  He writes : My family and I are well aware of what is coming down the pike in terms of serious unrest due to a collapsed society.  However we are barely making it financially due to low paying jobs and we have no savings. We would like to know how can we begin to prepare and most importantly how can we use […]

Apr 012013
Code Green Prep :  A Look Back at Our First Year

It is now exactly a year since our site went live. It has been a busy year, with everything from the massive non-event of the prophesized end of the world on Dec 21, 2012 to a Presidential election, the result of which some people feel brought us closer to the end of the world as we know it than anything on Dec 21! We’ve had our share of natural disasters too, but nothing even rising […]

Mar 152013
How to Locate Your Hidden Buried Cache Part 1 of 2

Note this is the first part of a two-part article on how to record and locate a buried cache.  Please also visit the second part to complete your reading of this article. There are many reasons to bury some of your prepper supplies, and to do so at a hidden location. The main reason is usually not because you have something illegal you want to hide.  The main reason is more likely to be because […]

Mar 152013
How to Locate Your Hidden Buried Cache Part 2 of 2

Note this is the second part of a two-part article on how to record and locate a buried cache.  Please also visit the first part to complete your reading of this article. Recording Your Reference Points In general, there is less possibility of mistake if you express each marker both in terms of how it is calculated from the marker to the cache, and from the cache to the marker. To start with, when you […]

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