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Mar 122013
Compass Buyer's Guide 1 :  Compass Types

This is the first part of a two-part article on choosing/buying a compass, the second part talks about compass features, and we’d recommend you read it after this first part so as to have a more complete understanding of what to look for when selecting a compass. These days compasses seem very old-fashioned.  If people wish to know which way is north, they can look at their GPS; and if they have a compass at […]

Mar 122013
Compass Buyer's Guide 2 :  Compass Features

This is the second part of a two-part series and you should read both parts for a more complete understanding of issues to do with choosing/buying a compass. In the first part of this Buyer’s Guide to Compasses we discuss the two or three basic design styles/types of compasses, and issues associated with the accuracy you can realistically expect from a compass. In addition to these different types of compasses, there are a number of […]

Jan 072013
The Ultimate Vehicles For Your Retreat?

If you found yourself suddenly gifted with several million dollars, and assuming you had some left over after spending money on all the usual things, maybe you might choose to treat yourself to a really neat vehicle to stick in your retreat’s garage. The issue of successfully defending your retreat against armed attackers post-WTSHTF is one of considerable debate.  Some people choose to ignore the issue entirely, and claim they have no need for serious […]

Dec 252012
The Positive Difference between being a Prepper and being a Survivalist

It is hard to know what exactly to call ourselves, isn’t it.  And the name we use has been largely chosen for us, and in some cases, has been stolen away from us again. It is probably fair to agree that we used to consider ourselves – and I hesitate to use this word now – as survivalists.  That was our whole shtick, wasn’t it – we wanted to be sure we could survive whatever […]

Dec 032012
The Only Place That Will Survive 12/21/2012?

Are you worried about the Mayan prophecy about the world coming to an end on 21 December, 2012? For the record, while we worry about and prepare for many things, this is one thing we’re not at all concerned about, but if it is a worry of yours, then, and observing the Prepper Code of Politeness, we’ll pass this bit of information on to you without (too much) comment. It seems that some ‘experts’ on […]

Nov 112012
US Cavalry Online Store - 15% Discount Coupon

I got an offer via email today – the online store US Cavalry, full of good stuff for preppers and non-preppers alike, is offering a 15% across the board discount from now through 17 November 2012 on all orders of $29 or greater. Simply use the discount code PN12N15V when checking out to get the discount.  Here’s their website :  http://www.uscav.com/ Update :  I’ve a new coupon from them.  The code is R12B15Q and it […]

May 182012
The Prepper's Code of Politeness

One of the problems in today’s society is that we have isolated ourselves much more than ever before from people different to ourselves. We spend more time in homogenous communities, and so it becomes easier to vilify people who disagree with us, because we don’t see them as ‘people like us’ but rather as ‘strangers unlike us, with strange ideas unlike ours’. This is unfortunate, because as theoretically right as our views may seem to […]

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