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Nov 252012
How Practical Is Traveling to an International Bug-Out Retreat?

The whole idea of a retreat is to get away from the worst of any problem situation and to go to a place, away from the problem, where you can hope to live a safe, satisfactory and sustainable life until the world as we know it returns back to normal. Usually people confine their thoughts for retreats to locations within a day or (at the most) two drive of their main residence.  But, on the […]

Sep 012012
Bugging Out - An Activity Better Shared

Getting from your normal residence to your retreat during a time of emergency is something that may (or – hopefully – may not) be a difficult and challenging experience. We all hope that due to our greater level of awareness, we’ll recognize a society-destroying event sooner than the other people around us, and so we anticipate having a head start over the rest of the population.  While others are passively waiting for the government to […]

Aug 292012
Motorcycles as Bug-Out Vehicles Part 1

If you are as fortunate as to have a retreat location somewhere, one of your concerns is how you might get there at a time when everyone else is leaving the urban region you normally live in, too.  If you don’t already have a retreat, one of the factors that will influence where you choose to buy/build/join one will be how practical it will be for you to ‘bug out’ (also termed GOOD – Get […]

Jul 082012
Bugging Out - in a Flying Car?

One of the greatest concerns for most preppers is how to get acceptably close to a ‘five nines’ (ie 99.999%) certainty that, in an extreme situation, they can be guaranteed the ability to safely and successfully travel from their normal residence to their retreat. We’ve discussed the subject from several perspectives in other articles (here’s the category listing for our articles about bugging out) and for people who are choosing to participate in the Code […]

Jun 212012
Bugging Out Very Early - A Lifestyle Choice

Most preppers seek to cling to their current lifestyles as long as possible.  This is as true of the surgeon with his $500,000+ income as it is an office or blue-collar worker with a $50,000- income. So people prepare for an alternate life and alternate world that would greet them if/when they ever needed to respond to a Level 2/3 scenario and evacuate to their carefully prepared retreat, while maintaining their current vulnerable lifestyle.  Their […]

Jun 012012
Bugging Out - Easy or Hard?

One of the things we think about and try to anticipate and prepare for is how to leave our normal residences and ‘bug out’ to our retreats in a Level 2/3 situation. There is a general assumption that in such an event, all roads out of the town/city we live in will be jam-packed with everyone else, all fleeing the city, too.  This makes intuitive sense – but the intuitive sense is based on an […]

May 132012
Why Cities Will Unavoidably Become Lawless Within a Week or Two of a Level 2/3 Event

We came across an interesting article on a survivalist blog.  The writer said he believed that too many people are being too negative in terms of their projections about what will happen after TEOTWAWKI. This writer spoke about his belief in the basic goodness of the American people, and offered up various high-minded platitudes to this effect.  As well as platitudes, he also described in some detail a scenario that he believed would apply. Basically, […]

May 122012
More on Planes as Bug-Out Vehicles

We received several emails from readers – and pilots – commenting on and asking questions about our earlier article recommending a floatplane as a bug-out vehicle. It was not and is not our intention to fully explain all issues of owning and flying a plane to non-pilots as part of what was a 1600 word article – there’s just way too much complexity.  Our intention was/is to point out the key issues and to encourage […]

Apr 292012
A Better Way to Get to Your Remote Retreat in an Emergency

One of the big challenges we must consider and confront is how we would manage to get from our normal residences to our retreats if/when a major disaster is about to occur (or has already occurred). The ideal choice is, of course, to simply hop into the family car and drive there normally.  But doing this would only be possible if you were able to anticipate any such disasters and get all the way to […]

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