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Jul 152014
Possibly the Biggest Risk to Your Retreat

You know that when you design and build your retreat structure(s) you want to ‘overbuild’ and build it (them) way above minimum code requirements, right? Although building codes sometimes seem unnecessary and adding extra layers of cost to what should be a simple process that you are free to do as you wish, there are two parts to the reality of building codes that people seldom appreciate. The first is that most of the code […]

Jun 182014
Designing Your Retreat for Personal/Health Problems

When we consider living at our retreat after TEOTWAWKI, we probably have a semi-heroic vision of ourselves and our fellow community members acting as modern-day Robinson Crusoes, struggling – successfully – against the various problems we expectedly and unexpectedly encounter in the very changed world that we suddenly find ourselves in. Let’s hope that’s the way things happen. But we must also realize that there’s every good chance that this vision is likely to be […]

May 102014
Designing Your Roof for Best Solar Panel Use

This is a further part of our series on solar energy.  Please also visit our sections on energy in general and solar energy in particular for more related articles. What makes a roof better or less suited for having solar panels mounted on it?  How should you design a new retreat structure, and/or, if looking at buying an existing dwelling, how do you know if it is optimized for solar? Answering these questions is reasonably […]

Mar 212014
Air Conditioning and Solar Power

One of the basic principles of planning a retreat is to minimize your energy needs, and a key part of that is the design of the retreat so as to make it as well insulated as possible.  This will cut down on your heating energy requirements in the colder months, and should also cut down on your cooling energy requirements in the warmer months. Well, that’s the theory of it, anyway.  The reality is a […]

Jul 172013
Where to Locate Within a Town

Maybe you’ve decided that town living is a better choice for you.  There’s nothing wrong with that decision. Many of us have little ability or interest in a farming lifestyle, and particularly if we have some other type of non-farming/rural talent or ability we can use to survive on in the future, it not only becomes sensible for us to consider living in a town, it becomes essential, because the town contains the concentration of […]

Jul 012013
A Life And Death Decision - Rushing to Your Shelter

If you have a shelter and are unfortunately in a region where there’s a danger of being caught by the initial immediate effects of a nuclear explosion, then of course you must get into the shelter and have it secured, shut, prior to any bombs being detonated. Assuming you even get any warning about an imminent attack (and that’s a very big assumption which we evaluate in a separate article), you almost certainly won’t know […]

Jul 012013
How Long Do You Wait For Stragglers to Reach Your Shelter?

So you have invested in a blast/radiation shelter, and done all the necessary things to stock it and prepare for an emergency.  And then, one day, an emergency truly occurs.  You all (presumably) rush to the shelter, but inevitably, some of you get there before others of your group or family. How long do you keep the shelter door open, waiting for the slower and slowest people to get there? This is probably the most […]

Jun 272013
How Close Can You Be to Survive a Nuclear Bomb Blast?

This is the first part of a two-part article about surviving nuclear blasts.  In this first part, we look at the immediate effects of nuclear blasts, in the second part, we will look at longer term effects. Few things are more horrific in many people’s minds than the thought of being close to a nuclear explosion.  Some people have gone to great lengths, constructing massive bunkers/shelters in their basements, to do what they believe may […]

Jun 272013
Surviving the Secondary and Longer Term Effects of a Nuclear Explosion

This is the second part of a two-part article about how close you can be to a nuclear explosion and survive.  If you arrived direct to this page from a search engine or link, we suggest you first read the first part which talks about the immediate effects and dangers of a nuclear blast (covering the first five minutes or so) and how close you can be and still survive those. Once you have survived […]

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