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Oct 082012
An Unusual Risk - Are Terrorists Lighting Forest Fires?

One of the positive features of a retreat location is proximity to timber.  Trees and their wood can be used for many things – as an energy source for heating and cooking and many other things (even as a source of wood gas or ‘producer gas’ to power vehicles).  And of course, they can also be used as a construction material for just about any type of construction project, or for outdoor fencing, and so […]

Aug 232012
Two More Strategies For Responding to People Wishing to Join Your Community

The chances are that from time to time, you will have people approach and ask to join your community, and they will be good people who you’d like to be associated with, but the space and capacity constraints of your present retreat will be such that you simply can’t fit more people in. Some of these people might be known to you – people who, until now, have been mildly skeptical about your prepping, and […]

Aug 212012
Underground Survival Bunkers - Good Idea or Bad?

Many people associate prepping with building a ‘Doomsday Bunker’ – some sort of reinforced concrete or steel bunker, and buried underground.  These are sometimes primarily intended as nuclear and fallout shelters, but the companies building them come up with many other reasons and benefits to their underground bunkers, including tornado and storm shelters – but probably not flood shelters. In reality, such devices are a very small part – and often play no part at […]

Aug 112012
What is Old Becomes New Again

We all know that with clothing, it pays to keep old clothes that go out of fashion because in a decade or so, they’ll come back into fashion.  I have ties in my wardrobe that have been in and out of fashion regularly – well, with ties, there’s only so much that can change, of course – wide or thin. However, this is not an article about fashion and clothing.  We’re writing about building materials, […]

Jul 112012
Why People Will Steal Your Food - And Everything Else - in a Level 2/3 Situation

(Note – it might be helpful to refresh your understanding of what we define as Level 1, 2 and 3 events.) The main challenge you will have in a Level 2 situation is security.  While you probably will have food and energy supplies for a year or two (or three….), most ‘normal’ unprepared people have no energy stockpiles and little food.  Within a week, most people will be increasingly forced to ‘forage’ for their food – and we […]

Jul 102012
Why Normal Building Design Should Not be Used When Constructing a Retreat

Modern housing is built to a reasonable standard, but embodies a number of design compromises and choices which will not be optimum in a Level 2/3 situation. Let’s look at some of the underlying assumptions that are embodied in modern housing design, and how these assumptions – while perfectly valid for normal house construction and normal situations – do not stand up to the special needs we have for a retreat. After understanding why normal […]

Jul 022012
Designing and Building a Retreat - The Bigger, the Better

In considering a retreat structure – a place to live securely, comfortably and sustainably, a place to store and protect yourselves and your resources, we encourage you to think beyond the obvious. The obvious is to build a single family dwelling, perhaps slightly altered in design and construction to make it more resilient, but, nonetheless, a single family dwelling all the same. You doubtless already realize and accept that your dwelling structure will be one […]

Jun 012012
$1 million Kansas Retreat Bunker Missile Silos Sell Out

A converted former Atlas missile silo in Kansas, now revived as a series of one and two million dollar survival retreats, has quickly sold out, and the developer has taken out options on several more. This article tells more about the concept, and the developer’s own website seems to confirm the project to be fully sold. The good news, as the developer’s site says, is that people who buy into the project are already getting […]

May 232012
Two Things Your Retreat Exterior Must Be

There are two distinctive things about your retreat that sets it aside from most normal houses. Firstly, it is possible it may be uninhabited for months at a time when life is proceeding happily as normal.  It may also be in an out-of-the-way location.  A very tempting target for burglars. Secondly, when things do all go to hell in a handbasket, and you are living there during a Level 2 or 3 situation, you’ll need […]

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