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May 082014
Are the Feds Secretly Preppers?

Although there are plenty of people who are concerned that the Feds are indeed secretly preparing for future problems (ie, not in the way we might wish and hope for), maybe we should also be pleased to learn of such things.  Is it possible the Feds have both a bug-out plan and also a distant safe retreat for us all?  Or, at least, for some lucky souls among us? Here’s an interesting article which, on […]

Aug 032013
The Happiest Cities, States and Countries

If you’re considering relocation, wouldn’t it be preferable to locate to where the people are more positive, optimistic, and happy, than somewhere with dour, negative, unhappy people? Okay, so you might have other issues that you rank higher than a vague ‘happiness’ factor, but in the mythical scenario where all other things are equal, it is something to consider, don’t you think?  A happy community probably has less ‘real’ crime, more complete employment, better services, […]

Aug 022013
Bugging Out Internationally?  The World's Most Libertarian Countries

In theory, a prepper would be most comfortable in a more libertarian environment.  Less government participation in people’s lives implies less to go wrong in the case of some sort of societal collapse, and a more libertarian environment also suggests it would be easier for preppers to quietly prep as they see fit, free of interference or constraint. Here’s an article on Britain’s Daily Telegraph website that claims to be a guide to the world’s […]

Jun 172013
The Local Cost of Living as a Factor in Choosing a Retreat Location

Whether you’re looking at a retreat in a nearby state, or a far-away country, one of the issues to consider is how much the cost of living will be. For sure, WTSHTF, there will be a massive rewrite of the cost of living equation, with unpredictable and uncertain results into a Level 2 and/or 3 situation.  But if you’re considering spending time at your retreat prior to a Level 2 or 3 situation, then the […]

Dec 032012
The Only Place That Will Survive 12/21/2012?

Are you worried about the Mayan prophecy about the world coming to an end on 21 December, 2012? For the record, while we worry about and prepare for many things, this is one thing we’re not at all concerned about, but if it is a worry of yours, then, and observing the Prepper Code of Politeness, we’ll pass this bit of information on to you without (too much) comment. It seems that some ‘experts’ on […]

Nov 252012
How Practical Is Traveling to an International Bug-Out Retreat?

The whole idea of a retreat is to get away from the worst of any problem situation and to go to a place, away from the problem, where you can hope to live a safe, satisfactory and sustainable life until the world as we know it returns back to normal. Usually people confine their thoughts for retreats to locations within a day or (at the most) two drive of their main residence.  But, on the […]

Nov 242012
Bugging Out to Canada

Canada would seem to be an obvious potential bug-out location, particularly for people who already live reasonably close to the border. On the face of it, Canada might be thought to have a lot going for it – apart from some parts of Quebec, English is the primary language, the people are reasonably honest and friendly and more or less like Americans, their standard of living is in line with what we’re used to, we’re […]

Aug 272012
Language as a Consideration When Choosing an International Bug Out Location

In thinking about possible international bug-out locations, an obvious variable is the degree to which a foreign location is filled with English speakers (or not!), and the degree to which we might already be or could become proficient at the language of the destination we are considering. We in the US are either blessed or cursed by being born speaking English.  English is not the most common mother tongue in the world – it is […]

Aug 242012
Bugging Out - To Another Country

When we are considering a retreat location, we are typically looking for somewhere that isn’t too impossibly distant from where we normally live. There are obvious reasons why this makes sense, but there’s also one obvious drawback :  Whatever the event was that caused a collapse of society at our normal residence will probably be affecting our retreat as well. So while our retreat gets us away from a dangerous and unlivable urban environment, and […]

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