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Aug 032013
The Happiest Cities, States and Countries

If you’re considering relocation, wouldn’t it be preferable to locate to where the people are more positive, optimistic, and happy, than somewhere with dour, negative, unhappy people? Okay, so you might have other issues that you rank higher than a vague ‘happiness’ factor, but in the mythical scenario where all other things are equal, it is something to consider, don’t you think?  A happy community probably has less ‘real’ crime, more complete employment, better services, […]

Aug 022013
Bugging Out Internationally?  The World's Most Libertarian Countries

In theory, a prepper would be most comfortable in a more libertarian environment.  Less government participation in people’s lives implies less to go wrong in the case of some sort of societal collapse, and a more libertarian environment also suggests it would be easier for preppers to quietly prep as they see fit, free of interference or constraint. Here’s an article on Britain’s Daily Telegraph website that claims to be a guide to the world’s […]

Jul 302013
The State of Our Nation's Infrastructure 2013

Every four years, the American Society of Civil Engineers releases a report card on the state of the country’s infrastructure, giving grades, state by state, to a number of elements ranging from the quality of drinking water to the number of bridges needing repair, from energy self-sufficiency to schools and parks. Not much of this has any direct relationship to us as preppers.  But there are some very weak correlations between a state that has […]

Jul 242013
Should You Locate Your Retreat in a Town or the Countryside?  The Pros and Cons of Each

Choosing a retreat location is the hardest thing you must do, because there are so many variables, issues, and choices to make. Furthermore, many of your choices are far from clear-cut.  They depend on things uniquely to do with you, your circumstances, and to do with the areas you are considering, and require you to make difficult value judgments where a choice for something might then impact on your ability to also optimize some other […]

Jul 172013
Should You Locate Your Retreat In a Town or in the Countryside Part 1 - Identifying Good Towns

You already know that your retreat should be far from a big city, but what about small towns?  We’ve written before on the subject of being close to a suitable ‘good’ small town (see ‘The Importance of Good Nearby Neighbors and Small Towns‘ and ‘Will Your Nearby Town Thrive, Survive or Fail WTSHTF‘, but we’ve not really considered the issue of actually living in a small town.  Hence this article. In this first part of […]

Jul 172013
Should You Locate Your Retreat In a Town or in the Countryside Part 2 - Robustness of a Town's Services

This is the second part of a two-part article about choosing an appropriate town to live in as a retreat location.  If you’ve arrived directly here from a search engine or website link, you might wish to read the first part ‘Identifying Good Towns‘ before then continuing on to read this second part. When you’re choosing a rural retreat, you have little expectation of having much in the way of utilities available at the retreat.  […]

Jul 172013
Where to Locate Within a Town

Maybe you’ve decided that town living is a better choice for you.  There’s nothing wrong with that decision. Many of us have little ability or interest in a farming lifestyle, and particularly if we have some other type of non-farming/rural talent or ability we can use to survive on in the future, it not only becomes sensible for us to consider living in a town, it becomes essential, because the town contains the concentration of […]

Jun 272013
How Close Can You Be to Survive a Nuclear Bomb Blast?

This is the first part of a two-part article about surviving nuclear blasts.  In this first part, we look at the immediate effects of nuclear blasts, in the second part, we will look at longer term effects. Few things are more horrific in many people’s minds than the thought of being close to a nuclear explosion.  Some people have gone to great lengths, constructing massive bunkers/shelters in their basements, to do what they believe may […]

Jun 272013
Surviving the Secondary and Longer Term Effects of a Nuclear Explosion

This is the second part of a two-part article about how close you can be to a nuclear explosion and survive.  If you arrived direct to this page from a search engine or link, we suggest you first read the first part which talks about the immediate effects and dangers of a nuclear blast (covering the first five minutes or so) and how close you can be and still survive those. Once you have survived […]

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