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May 012013
Answers to a Reader's Questions/Suggestions on Emergency Radio Communications

We received an interesting email from reader Phil today, and on the basis of ‘If one person asks a question, probably a thousand others are wondering the same thing’ we thought we’d quote his email and our replies and share it with all. Not to rain unduly on Phil’s parade, because the questions he asks are sensible and his hoped for answers seem to be intuitive and easy, but unfortunately, that is not the case […]

Apr 222013
Tips on How to Best Configure and Use Your Baofeng UV-5R

If you’re reading this, you’ve probably either just purchased a UV-5R or are about to do so.  Congratulations on a good choice. Like any other professional grade two-way radio, the UV-5R has an enormous amount of flexibility and versatility in terms of how you can program and use it.  This is both a good thing and a bad thing.  You can’t just take the radio out of its box, charge up the battery, and start […]

Apr 192013
The 'Best' Radio for FRS/GMRS

Update :  This article is still very useful in terms of appreciating the issues surrounding how to make a choice of two-way radio.  But the recommended choice in this article – the Baofeng UV-5R – has now been sort of superseded by a new model, the Baofeng F8HP.  Click the link for an explanation of the differences. There are dozens – maybe hundreds – of radios being sold for use on the FRS and GMRS […]

Apr 192013
A Complete System for your Baofeng UV-5R or F8HP Radio

In our immediately previous article, we recommended the Baofeng UV-5R and/or the Baofeng F8HP as the best general purpose two-way radio. When you buy a either radio, you usually get the radio in a kit that comes complete with standard Li-Ion battery pack, charger, carrying clip, wrist strap, rubber-ducky antenna, and earpiece/microphone.  That’s a great set of goodies, all for about $35 or $65, but you should consider getting some accessories and additional items to […]

Apr 172013
Adding and Optimizing an External Antenna to Your Two-Way Radio :  Part 1 - Choosing an Antenna

This is the first part of a two-part article – please also read part two – Installing an Antenna  – for helpful further information on how to connect your antenna to your radio and how to ‘tune’ your antenna for best performance. Perhaps the easiest improvement you can make to a two-way radio is also one of the least expensive and definitely the one that will have the greatest impact on both your radio’s transmitting […]

Apr 172013
Adding and Optimizing an External Antenna to Your Two-Way Radio :  Part 2 - Installing an Antenna

This is the second part of a two-part article. If you arrived first on this page, you might wish to first read Part 1 – Choosing an Antenna – before then reading this second part. After you’ve selected the best antenna for your needs (using the information in the first part of this article series to help) you now need to match the antenna to your radio, and to ‘tune’ it for best efficiency. Please […]

Apr 152013
Boston Bombing Shows You Can't Rely on Cell Phones in an Emergency

Just hours ago, two bombs were detonated close to the finish line of the Boston marathon.  At least one more has been found, unexploded.  The count of killed and wounded is still progressing. The situation is now being featured in non-stop wall-to-wall coverage by all the networks, and one of the actual explosions was caught live on video and is being endlessly looped over and over again, with more video footage appearing all the time […]

Apr 072013
Strategies to Make it Easy to Pass Your Ham License Exam Part 1

This is the first part of a two-part series on how to most readily pass your Ham licenses.  After reading this first part, please be sure to click on to the second part ‘Learning and Study Aids to Help You Pass Your Ham License Test‘. If you get a Ham radio operator’s license, you will be able to legally use the widest range of radios and frequencies, and at much greater power levels than are […]

Apr 072013
Strategies to Make it Easy to Pass Your Ham License Exam Part 2

This is the second part of an article series full of tips and strategies for making it easier to pass your Ham License Exam.  If you directly arrived on this page, you might want to first read the first part ‘Ham Test Exam Passing Strategies‘ then read this part, which focuses on learning and study aids, second. Learning and Study Aids There are plenty of websites with lists of the questions and answers for the […]

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