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Apr 112016
How to Perform Calculations Without Calculators

So, after TEOTWAWKI, what happens when we need to do ‘figuring’ – to do some sums, to calculate some values?  Our computers are dead, our notepads fried, and our calculators have run out of batteries. We have several suggestions that will make your life easier. Solar Powered Calculators Our first suggestion is to stock up on calculators that use photo-electric cells to power them.  These can be expected to last for probably 15 – 25 […]

May 062014
Why You Should Welcome Strangers Wishing to Settle On Your Retreat Land

If you are fortunate, you have managed to secure a reasonably large lot for your retreat, and if you are very fortunate, the chances are your lot will be larger than what you could work yourself in terms of cultivating crops, grazing livestock, and so on, particularly in a future scenario where mechanical productivity aids like tractors are no longer available to help you in your work. There are plenty of good reasons why you […]

Jan 262014
Banks in Britain Reluctant to Give Depositors Their Money

Here’s an interesting story, and don’t automatically say ‘That could never happen here’.  But first, the story. A BBC report tells how customers of the HSBC bank in Britain (HSBC operates in the US and elsewhere in the world too) have had difficulties making cash withdrawals from their accounts.  The customers have had the money in their accounts, so that wasn’t the problem, and in most cases, have been good customers of the bank and […]

Jul 302013
Prepping on a Low Budget - Six Strategies to Get Out of Debt Quicker

Many of us feel a sense of anxious urgency about our prepping.  We know that if we suddenly find ourselves trapped in a Level 2 or 3 situation, we are not yet ready to be able to survive such a challenge; but what we don’t know is if/when a Level 2/3 situation might suddenly appear. To put it as bluntly as possible, the biggest constraint we have is the lack of cash to invest in […]

Jul 292013
Prepping on a Low Budget - Seven Thoughts About Borrowing Money

None of us have as much money to spend on prepping as we wish.  So we’re starting a new article series to help you become more financially free, and better able to invest in more complete prepping. Our financial lives revolve around two main factors.  The income we generate each month, and the money we spend each month.  Hopefully we spend less than we earn, of course. The issue isn’t so much the actual numbers […]

Jul 132013
Four Problems - and their Three Solutions - When Bugging Out :  Part 2 - The Solutions

This is the second part of a two-part article about issues to do with viably bugging out and transitioning to ongoing life in your retreat.  If you arrived here direct from a search engine or other website link, you might choose to first read the first part which sets out the four main problems associated with bugging out, and then return back here to read about the three solutions we propose. Solving the Four Problems […]

Jun 052013
A Reader Writes :  Prepping for African-Americans on a Very Low Budget

We received an interesting email from a reader – let’s call him Bill.  He writes : My family and I are well aware of what is coming down the pike in terms of serious unrest due to a collapsed society.  However we are barely making it financially due to low paying jobs and we have no savings. We would like to know how can we begin to prepare and most importantly how can we use […]

May 152013
Prepping Economics - Introduction - Why This Is Important

So there you are, planning how many tins of food you can store and how long it will last you in a Level 3 or Level 2 situation.  You’re counting up the bullets for your guns, and preparing to hunker down for a desperate and challenging time where life will be tough and uncertain, and you’ll be living hand to mouth with few creature comforts and no luxuries. Your bookshelf is full of items on […]

May 152013
Prepping Economics Part 1 :  Why the Dollar Will Fail - International Issues

Many preppers perceive that after TEOTWAWKI (ie a Level 2 or 3 situation) the present US currency will become of little value.  Their view of the future possibly revolves around using precious metals for currency and/or a currency-less situation that involves bartering. This six part series moves sequentially through the reasons why our current US dollar will cease to be of value if society should collapse, and then looks at the value and effectiveness of […]

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