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Jan 042013
Prepper Lessons from the Recent Surge in Gun Sales

On December 14, 2012 – some three weeks ago – a crazed gunman killed 20 children and six adults at Sandy Hook Elementary School. It is hard to say which happened most quickly immediately thereafter – calls for the banning of just about all firearms, or people rushing to buy guns and ammunition due to fears they might be banned. The media (which is predominantly anti-gun) has been full of stories, almost every day since […]

Dec 252012
A Banking System Failure - A Slow but Sure Descent into a Level 1/2 Situation

The concept of a banking system failure is often thought of generically, together with other concepts such as, at the present, the ‘fiscal cliff’, and past things such as the S&L crisis, the mortgage crisis, over-paid greedy investment bankers, and other vague and hard to completely comprehend concepts that while clearly not good, generally have no immediate impact on us directly. Yes, it is true that all of these issues represent downsides to our current […]

Nov 272012
Investment Strategies for Prudent Preppers

A reader comment in reply to our article about not investing in gold made us realize that we need to consider not only what are not good investing strategies but also what truly are good investing strategies, from the perspective of the prudent prepper, and with an eye to an uncertain future. First of all, a disclaimer.  We are not registered or licensed in any form to provide any sort of financial advice, and our […]

Oct 162012
Prepper Type Investment Strategies

Here’s an interesting article written for ‘ordinary people’ rather than preppers, and listing a number of alternate forms of investment for people who are skeptical about the long-term (and possibly even shorter term) validity of traditional types of investment (such as stocks/shares and bonds). Number one on their list of alternate investments?  Guns and ammunition.  I was actually thinking about this as I walked the floor of a huge gun show in the Seattle area […]

Aug 232012
Becoming Part of the Solution, Not Part of the Problem, Post TEOTWAWKI

In our article about the most dangerous ‘fourth wave’ of threats against your retreat and its members after a societal collapse, we talk about the risk and problems you’ll encounter from regional ‘power groupings’ and gangs; some of which may be true lawless gangs, others of which may be groups of people cloaking themselves in the mantle of semi/pseudo legitimate authority. Yes, you can resist such power groups, but we make the point that such […]

Aug 232012
Four Waves of Food and Shelter Seekers

Shortly after some type of disaster that disrupts the normal flow of food and energy into your nearby towns, people will be forced to leave their residences and fan out into the countryside, foraging for food (and subsequently shelter too).  That is obvious – if there is no food in the town/city, people can either stay where they are and die of thirst or starvation, or they can pro-actively start looking for food. People will […]

Aug 232012
Preparing for the Fourth - and Deadliest - Wave of Refugees, Bandits, and other Problem Groups

No-one really knows what to expect after TSHTF in an extended Level 2 or 3 situation, but it seems universally agreed that the starving masses will be forced to flee their city dwellings and do whatever it takes to survive, wherever they can find the opportunity and ability to do so. It is helpful to look at the types of people who will come out from the cities as a series of different waves, each […]

Aug 032012
Should You Accept Additional People Into Your Community After TSHTF?

Let’s say that TSHTF and we find ourselves deep into not just the brown stuff but an extended Level 2, possibly a Level 3 situation.  Fortunately, you have the supplies and the skills necessary to ensure the probable survival of you and the other members of your group. So far, so good. But what about the other people, everyone and everywhere else in the country?  They have neither the supplies nor the skills, and they […]

Jul 272012
Will We See Inflation or Deflation in a Level 2/3 Scenario?

In the economic and real world as a whole, there are many factors that all contribute to the overall rate of inflation or deflation.  Fortunately, most of these different factors act in a manner that is easy to understand, and each factor can be either inflationary or deflationary. For the purpose of understanding inflation, we can say that the price of things in general go up or down (ie inflate or deflate) based primarily on […]

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