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Jul 122012
Is All Gold Really Only Fool's Gold

What is the real difference between ‘real’ gold and ‘fool’s gold’ (Iron Pyrites)?  Sure, real gold is very expensive and iron pyrites is close to worthless, but why is gold so expensive and why are so many preppers so fixated on gold? We can’t really answer the latter question, but we can provide reasons why you should ignore anything to do with gold as part of your preparations for an adverse future. In short, real […]

Jul 042012
The Security/Lawlessness Cycle of any Level 2/3 Event

Conventional wisdom paints an apocalyptic but not very detailed picture of social breakdown in a Level 2 or 3 situation (note – it might be helpful to refresh your understanding of what we define as Level 1, 2 and 3 events). In the past, we’ve suggested there wouldn’t be an instant collapse of social order and there wouldn’t be an instant mass exodus out of the cities.  That’s not to say the collapse won’t happen (we’re […]

Jun 042012
A Strategy to Protect and Enhance Your Assets and Wealth in a Level 2+ Situation

We’ve discussed before the certainty that in Level 3 situations, current forms of money will become irrelevant and close to worthless. We’ve also indicated that gold will become less valuable in an extended period of massive social and economic disruption – this being quite the opposite of what many preppers anticipate.  Everything we write below applies equally to Level 3 situations, but our comments start from looking at responses, in this article, to a less […]

Jun 042012
Why Neither US Currency (Cash) Nor Gold Will Be of Any Value WTSHTF

Most preppers already have some sort of acceptance that US currency may become less universally accepted subsequent to a Level 2 or 3 event occurring.  We’ve discussed some aspects of the problems with US currency in a post WTSHTF world before. Interestingly, one of the reasons that US currency won’t be widely used is simply because most people don’t have much real cash these days.  Sure, we might have large deposits in our banks, we […]

May 132012
The Different Role of Money After TEOTWAWKI

It is very unlikely that in any Level 3 scenario, regular currency such as we currently have in our pockets today, will be honored or accepted by anyone, anywhere. Even in Level 2 scenarios, while US currency may retain its notional abstract value, and people would be foolish if they burned it as fuel for their fire, it is likely that people may have difficulty using it to buy things with.  It will only be […]

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