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Aug 102014
This Free Web Service Scooped the World on Ebola by 9 Days

As realistic preppers, we know that we don’t always get unfiltered ‘real’ news and sometimes there are ‘policy issues’ that intrude on how news is shaped and reported. This is particularly true of enormous potentially world-changing events.  While your local newspaper can be relied upon to be first to break the story if a local cat gets stuck up a tree, and also to give prominence to news that furthers their own ideological agenda, other […]

Jul 072013
How to Receive Emergency Alert System Messages

We’ve written before about the need to urgently make your way to your shelter if you receive a warning of pending nuclear attack, and about setting a policy for how long you wait for others to join you in your shelter. But these considerations overlook one vital issue.  How can you get any such warnings of any type of pending disaster that you need to respond to?  It isn’t just pending nuclear Armageddon you have […]

Dec 252012
The Positive Difference between being a Prepper and being a Survivalist

It is hard to know what exactly to call ourselves, isn’t it.  And the name we use has been largely chosen for us, and in some cases, has been stolen away from us again. It is probably fair to agree that we used to consider ourselves – and I hesitate to use this word now – as survivalists.  That was our whole shtick, wasn’t it – we wanted to be sure we could survive whatever […]

Nov 192012
Preparing for a Radio or Television Interview

If you’ve never been on television or radio before, you might be very excited at a chance to become ‘famous’.  Trust us (and we’ve regularly done radio and television shows) it is no big deal and not something that will change your life (unless you make a colossal fool of yourself!). However, we are not saying you should refuse to participate in media programs; quite the opposite.  The fact that you’re reading this article now […]

Nov 192012
How to Give a Radio/TV Interview

So you’ve agreed to do an interview for a radio or television program, and you’ve done all the preparation prior to the interview.  Now for your big moment – giving the interview. In truth, this can sometimes be a daunting experience, but it is something that practice makes perfect with.  If you don’t have a lot of experience being interviewed on radio/television shows, you should practice with friends before the interview.  After following the steps […]

Nov 192012
How to Handle a Newspaper or Other Print Publication Interview

One of these days, you might have your phone ring or your email beep, to reveal a request from a journalist writing a story about prepping, and wishing to interview you for his (her) article.  This might be for a newspaper or magazine or journal or website or blog or in some other form, it will be a print piece rather than a radio or television piece. What do you say?  Here are some helpful […]

Nov 192012
Why the Media is Biased Against Prepping

You’re not just imagining it.  The media truly is biased against preppers and prepping.  This article will help you understand why; with that understanding, you are better prepared to respond to media bias and you will better know what to say and do if you are approached to appear in a media article on prepping yourself. As preppers, we generally perceive that we’re thought of being on the fringes of society and its accepted norms, […]

Nov 192012
An Example of Media Bias When Covering Prepping

USA Today – the largest general interest newspaper in the US (the Wall St Journal has a slightly larger circulation but it is more ‘special interest’) ran a major front page headline story on 12 November – you can see their front page photo at the top of this article, and this link takes you to the online version of the story, without the scare picture that jumps out at you from the print edition. […]

Sep 012012
A Positive Approach to Publicizing Your Prepping

It is easy for us preppers to feel isolated; indeed, a key part of choosing an ideal retreat location is to seek out a measure of isolation and remoteness. Even though the concept of prepping is becoming more widely understood, the unfortunate fact is that by far the majority of the people around us have no interest in prepping, and view it as a cross between something slightly strange and something threatening, almost as something […]

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