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Aug 012014
The Undetectable Computer Virus that Might Already Be Lurking On Your Computer

As preppers, we anticipate, plan, and prepare for a strategic failure in some part of our national critical infrastructure, no matter what the cause or what the specific failure may be. Some risks are obvious.  But as prudent preppers, we also look to find and consider all risks, including those thought to be remote and unlikely.  Some risks are subtle and generally little considered, even though they could potentially be devastating in their consequences, and […]

Jul 262014
The Next Attack on the US May Not Involve Bombs or Planes

Our notions of modern war and warfare are, in largest part, hopelessly outdated and dangerously inaccurate. When you ask most people to describe how they would expect any enemy to attack the US – whether a nation/state or an amorphous terrorist group, you’ll probably get responses ranging from nuclear missiles to crashing more planes into buildings or other sensitive areas. But the most likely future attack may not involve bombs, and may not even require […]

Oct 182013
The World As We Know It Almost Ended in September 1983

Chances are you can come up with a long list of things that might go wrong so as to cause TEOTWAWKI.  But do you have ‘computer mistake’ on your list of things to worry about?  If you don’t, you should. This article concerns the little known events on 26 September 1983, when Russia’s (well, back then, it was the Soviet Union) early warning system reported multiple missiles, launched from the US, and headed towards its […]

Jul 302013
The BBC Asks What Would Happen if All Satellites Stopped Working

Ignore, for the moment, how it would happen, and instead think about what would happen, if all the satellites ‘up there’ stopped working.  The BBC recently published an article asking – and answering – that question. You can probably guess at some of the results of a global failure of all satellites.  Our GPS systems would stop working.  A lot of the content on our televisions and radios would disappear – not just satellite radio […]

Jun 102013
An Interesting Everyday Example of Computer Vulnerability

We’ve written before about the vulnerabilities and threats to our society posed by hackers wreaking mischief on our nation’s computer-controlled infrastructure. The problem that exists is visualizing and comprehending the open-ended nature of such threats.  Any computing device, no matter how simple, or ‘safe’ it might seem, including devices that we don’t even think of as being computers, is/are vulnerable to hacker attack. It is one thing to guard against known threats and risks, but […]

May 192013
Our Computerized Infrastructure Is Already Under Active Attack

Many of the risks and vulnerabilities we have to consider are things that have not yet happened and which we hope might never happen.  Nuclear war, for example.  Or alternatively they are things that happen so rarely as to give us hope they might not recur during our lifetime – a massive asteroid strike, Yellowstone erupting, those sorts of things. Very few things we consider are things which are actively happening at present, although perhaps […]

Mar 022013
Chinese Cyber-Terrorists Could Destroy Our Natural Gas Pipelines

Due to its current abundance and low-cost per unit of energy, the US is becoming increasingly dependent on natural gas. Already, 30% of all electricity comes from power stations burning natural gas.  Conversion programs to convert buses and trucks from diesel to natural gas are becoming increasingly popular due to the massive cost savings operators can quickly get from their investments.  And if you have gas to your residence, you know that the cost of […]

Dec 252012
A Banking System Failure - A Slow but Sure Descent into a Level 1/2 Situation

The concept of a banking system failure is often thought of generically, together with other concepts such as, at the present, the ‘fiscal cliff’, and past things such as the S&L crisis, the mortgage crisis, over-paid greedy investment bankers, and other vague and hard to completely comprehend concepts that while clearly not good, generally have no immediate impact on us directly. Yes, it is true that all of these issues represent downsides to our current […]

Dec 162012
The World's GPS Network is Vulnerable to Take-Down by a $2500 Device

We offer this report to you not as an example of how the world as we know it might end, but just as another example of how the more sophisticated the systems and services we surround ourselves with, the more vulnerable we become.  The convenience they offer us blinds us to the added degree of dependence on which our lives and life styles are based. Back in the ‘good old days’ – ie before ubiquitous […]

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