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Sep 032014
ISIS Attack on Power Grid Could Kill 90% of Americans

The new Islamic terror group, ISIS or ISIL, is only slowly appearing on the radar screens of the mainstream media, and indeed is so fresh to the public eye that there isn’t even yet agreement on what to call it.  But if you cast around, you’ll see plenty of ‘buried’ news stories quoting senior military and political leaders who describe ISIS as now the most dangerous threat to the US and the West in general […]

Jul 292014
Billionaire Hedge Fund Manager Warns Clients :  EMP Risk the 'Most Significant Danger' in the World Today

Paul Singer is CEO and founder of the Elliott Management hedge fund, looking after some $25 billion of client funds. A self-made billionaire, he has a personal net worth of $1.5 billion, and his hedge fund is notable for only having had two down years in the 37 years he has been operating it.  It has averaged 14% annual return, compared to 10.8% for the S&P 500 as a whole. He publicly warned about the […]

Jul 262014
Devastating Solar Storm Narrowly Misses Earth

We’ve written many times before about the vulnerability posed to much/most of our electrical and electronic gear by a major solar storm.  Indeed, noting the expert opinion that suggests there’s a 12% chance of this type of disruptive solar storm destroying most of our modern life and lifestyle within the next decade, a solar storm and its effects should be considered one of the greatest risks of all to prepare for. There are two issues […]

Jul 082014
An Interesting Analysis of Solar Storm Disruptions

Here’s a rather simplistic article that talks about the potential for solar storms to disrupt many aspects of our modern-day life. What is interesting however is their pie chart analysis of some of the derivative disruptions from a solar storm (shown on the left and more easily seen full size in the linked article). Like so much that appears in public about our society’s underlying vulnerabilities, we feel their chart is more optimistic than perhaps is […]

May 052014
A Small Electricity Generator for Short Term Level 1 Power Outages

(You can see our definition of levels one, two and three type events here.  It is a useful categorization that provides structure to your problem analysis and preparation planning.) When some people – particularly preppers – start thinking about generators, they immediately think of enormous noisy diesel standby generators, in special generator sheds, and capable of providing tens of kilowatts of power for extended periods, drawing off multi-hundred gallon storage tanks.  Don’t get us wrong.  […]

May 052014
Report :  Our National Power Grid is 'Inherently Vulnerable'

What happened the last time you flicked a light switch?  The power came on, right?  And the time before, and the time before.  More importantly, you also expect it to continue coming on next time you flick the switch, too. Well, maybe you don’t have such expectations, because you’re a cautious prepper, and the unknown is unsurprising to you.  But all the unaware people around us – their lives would be destroyed if our national […]

Apr 232014
EMP Risk - Casualty Counts - Another Massive Understatement

We wrote, just now, about how the director of two congressional advisory boards claimed that it is practical to protect against an EMP attack, and that the cost of this would be only $2 billion. We believe him to be spectacularly wrong on both points, and you should read our article to see just how far off base he is. Some of the newspaper reports, all of which uncritically repeat his quote, have widened their […]

Apr 232014
EMP Risk - The Government Gets it Massively Wrong

There was apparent good news this week. Peter Pry, executive director of the Task Force on National and Homeland Security and also director of the US Nuclear Strategy Forum – both congressional advisory boards – has been quoted this week as warning that the civilian world is not ready for an EMP attack, and describes the effects as catastrophic. In case you’re unfamiliar with EMP, please see our article that explains EMP to understand how and […]

Feb 072014
Fed Energy Reg Commission Chairman Says 'Easy to Trigger an Enduring Electricity Blackout Across Several States'

In April 2013 an unknown group of people disabled 17 transformers at a PG&E substation in California by shooting holes in them from a safe distance away.  This almost caused a regional multi-state blackout, and only the low rate of power consumption at the time enabled the utilities to reroute power and keep the grid up. An investigation has revealed this was not a casual random act of vandalism, but a carefully planned and executed […]

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