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Jun 062016
How to Build a Faraday Cage to Protect Your Electronics

One of the things that gives us the most troubled sleep of all is the risk of, and outcomes from, an EMP attack on the US.  In case you’re not fully up to speed on this draconian danger, we discuss EMP attacks – what they are, how fearsome their impacts would be, and how easy they are to stage – in several articles here. Our sense is that the danger of an EMP event is […]

Jul 292014
Billionaire Hedge Fund Manager Warns Clients :  EMP Risk the 'Most Significant Danger' in the World Today

Paul Singer is CEO and founder of the Elliott Management hedge fund, looking after some $25 billion of client funds. A self-made billionaire, he has a personal net worth of $1.5 billion, and his hedge fund is notable for only having had two down years in the 37 years he has been operating it.  It has averaged 14% annual return, compared to 10.8% for the S&P 500 as a whole. He publicly warned about the […]

Apr 232014
EMP Risk - Casualty Counts - Another Massive Understatement

We wrote, just now, about how the director of two congressional advisory boards claimed that it is practical to protect against an EMP attack, and that the cost of this would be only $2 billion. We believe him to be spectacularly wrong on both points, and you should read our article to see just how far off base he is. Some of the newspaper reports, all of which uncritically repeat his quote, have widened their […]

Apr 232014
EMP Risk - The Government Gets it Massively Wrong

There was apparent good news this week. Peter Pry, executive director of the Task Force on National and Homeland Security and also director of the US Nuclear Strategy Forum – both congressional advisory boards – has been quoted this week as warning that the civilian world is not ready for an EMP attack, and describes the effects as catastrophic. In case you’re unfamiliar with EMP, please see our article that explains EMP to understand how and […]

Aug 012013
Earth Narrowly Avoided a Global Solar EMP Event in July

Of all the risks we anticipate and prep for, an EMP event is perhaps the most terrifying.  A single well-placed EMP bomb could destroy much/most of the electronics in the entire US – oh, and in most of Canada too, resulting in an instant collapse of almost everything. EMP events can come from two different sources.  One is a deliberate act by an aggressor nation or terrorist group, launching a specific EMP causing device and […]

Dec 162012
The World's GPS Network is Vulnerable to Take-Down by a $2500 Device

We offer this report to you not as an example of how the world as we know it might end, but just as another example of how the more sophisticated the systems and services we surround ourselves with, the more vulnerable we become.  The convenience they offer us blinds us to the added degree of dependence on which our lives and life styles are based. Back in the ‘good old days’ – ie before ubiquitous […]

Jul 262012
North Korea Developing EMP Weapons

Perhaps the most terrifying threat to the US from other nations is that posed by an EMP attack.  In an earlier article we explained how an EMP attack could destroy all the electronics in the US, literally sending us back almost to the stone age, in a fraction of a second. There is no effective defense against an EMP attack; there’s nothing we can do in our homes to protect against the effects of an […]

Jul 132012
Why Our Electricity Grid is So Vulnerable

We regularly worry in our articles about a failure of our nation’s electricity grid – the criss-crossing network of power lines that connect the various power generating facilities around the country with the various power consuming facilities – most particularly, the major switching substations that route the highest voltage connections around the country. Think of the power grid a bit like a transportation network.  We have super-highways, regular freeways, highways, arterials, surface roads, minor roads, […]

Jun 202012
EMP - What It Is, and Why You Should Fear It

Those of you in the Seattle area probably associate the letters EMP with Paul Allen’s quirky Experience Music Project at the Seattle Center.  But that’s most definitely not what we’re sharing with you now. We’re talking, instead, about electromagnetic pulses – a type of radiation burst typically created by the detonation of a nuclear device high above the earth, which creates electrical and magnetic fields capable of destroying just about any and all modern electronics […]

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