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Jun 252013
Available Wind Data Sources And How to Use Them

This is the third part of a three-part article series on using wind data to evaluate the risk of nuclear fallout at your retreat location. If you arrived here directly from a search engine or link, you should probably go to the first part of the series – Using Wind Data to Estimate Fallout Risk – and read that first, then continue on to the second part – The Two Types of Wind Effects to […]

Jun 122013
How Safe is it to Live Close to a Nuclear Power Plant?

Even the most stubborn of non-prepper types might be worried about living too close to a nuclear power plant. Indeed, the concerns about safety are not just at a personal level (some people attempt to keep their distance from nuclear power plants) but also at a national level – many countries forbid their construction, and more recently, some countries which have been reliant on nuclear power for a substantial part of their total electricity needs […]

Apr 052013
How to Use Potassium Iodide for Radiation Protection

If the statements coming from North Korea at present are to be believed, there’s a possibility they’ll be launching a nuclear attack on us some time after Wednesday 10 April.  Whether this happens or not, it is well to be prepared for such a situation. Defending against a nuclear attack is both easy and difficult, and for sure you need to understand that a nuclear bomb detonation is not an Armageddon like event that will […]

Oct 092012
Detecting and Measuring Radiation

If you’ve ever seen any movie that features a radiation risk to the characters, you know what they do to measure the radiation.  They have a ‘Geiger counter’ device that makes a clicking noise, which increases in intensity until it sounds like a hailstorm on a tin roof when the characters are at risk of too much radiation.  Easy and simple, yes? Well, as you’ve probably already guessed, there’s a lot more to measuring radiation […]

Oct 082012
Radiation and Fallout Risks

One of the classic doomsday scenarios, often inappropriately given way more prominence than it deserves, is some type of nuclear event that results in a massive release of radiation. We think this is one of the reasons why underground bunkers are so popular.  But as we’ve analyzed in earlier articles, underground bunkers are seldom a good idea for preppers.  By the time you get to the underground bunker, it might be too late.  And, assuming […]

Jul 092012
Are You Living Close to a Nuclear Target?

The good news is that we have had nuclear weapons for almost 70 years.  The ‘other side’ has had them for about 60 years, although only in militarily significant quantities for the last 45 or so years. And, excepting of course Hiroshima and Nagasaki, in all that time, there’s not been a single nuclear weapon exploded other than for ‘peaceful’ testing purposes. Does that mean we can look forward to another 45+ years of peace […]

Jun 232012
The Risk to Us of Someone Else's Nuclear War, Somewhere Else

One of the risks you probably consider is that of our country being attacked by nuclear weapons. In scientific terms, that would be termed ‘a helluva bad thing’ and we of course hope it never happens.  But if it does, we also hope that we’re not at any of the ground zeros, and that our preparations will enable us to survive through the difficult times that would inevitably follow. But what say two other countries […]

May 272012
The Implications of a War with Iran

The war drums are beating ever louder in prelude to a possible war with Iran.  What will this mean for us back in the US? Although it might seem at odds with our current President’s world-view and values, it is hard to overlook the increasing amount of news stories that are being released or strategically leaked, all of which seem to indicate that we may be initiating war with Iran shortly. For our part, we […]

Apr 102012
Two Major Potential Threats to the US in One Week

Neither threat is new, but both have been uttered again this week, and with more vehemence than before. Threat 1 :  Iran Our good friends the Iranians (not!) are reputed to be preparing an army to launch against the US, waging war against the country’s infrastructure such as our power grid, water supplies, and other public infrastructure components. But this ‘war’ would not be fought on American soil, and wouldn’t see combat between our troops […]

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