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Apr 232014
EMP Risk - Casualty Counts - Another Massive Understatement

We wrote, just now, about how the director of two congressional advisory boards claimed that it is practical to protect against an EMP attack, and that the cost of this would be only $2 billion. We believe him to be spectacularly wrong on both points, and you should read our article to see just how far off base he is. Some of the newspaper reports, all of which uncritically repeat his quote, have widened their […]

Apr 232014
EMP Risk - The Government Gets it Massively Wrong

There was apparent good news this week. Peter Pry, executive director of the Task Force on National and Homeland Security and also director of the US Nuclear Strategy Forum – both congressional advisory boards – has been quoted this week as warning that the civilian world is not ready for an EMP attack, and describes the effects as catastrophic. In case you’re unfamiliar with EMP, please see our article that explains EMP to understand how and […]

Feb 072014
Fed Energy Reg Commission Chairman Says 'Easy to Trigger an Enduring Electricity Blackout Across Several States'

In April 2013 an unknown group of people disabled 17 transformers at a PG&E substation in California by shooting holes in them from a safe distance away.  This almost caused a regional multi-state blackout, and only the low rate of power consumption at the time enabled the utilities to reroute power and keep the grid up. An investigation has revealed this was not a casual random act of vandalism, but a carefully planned and executed […]

Oct 182013
The World As We Know It Almost Ended in September 1983

Chances are you can come up with a long list of things that might go wrong so as to cause TEOTWAWKI.  But do you have ‘computer mistake’ on your list of things to worry about?  If you don’t, you should. This article concerns the little known events on 26 September 1983, when Russia’s (well, back then, it was the Soviet Union) early warning system reported multiple missiles, launched from the US, and headed towards its […]

Sep 182013
Was This Just Vandalism?

Back in August, a person or persons unknown attempted to bring down one of the two 500kV main transmission lines feeding electricity into Arkansas and surrounding states. The loss of one of the two transmission lines would have overloaded the other line, causing it to also fail, and plunging a not disclosed region (but potentially several states) into darkness for an uncertain amount of time, and at one of the hottest times of year when […]

Aug 272013
The Government - More Ready to Help Us than Ever Before

We all know about the dreadful ammo shortage that has plagued the country for the last nine months.  Less well-known is the reason for this – sure, a lot of people bought extra ammo after last December’s school shooting in CT, fearing new government restrictions, but the biggest reason for the continuing ammo shortage seems to be massive buying by the federal government. You may have read about the billions of rounds of ammo being […]

Aug 012013
Earth Narrowly Avoided a Global Solar EMP Event in July

Of all the risks we anticipate and prep for, an EMP event is perhaps the most terrifying.  A single well-placed EMP bomb could destroy much/most of the electronics in the entire US – oh, and in most of Canada too, resulting in an instant collapse of almost everything. EMP events can come from two different sources.  One is a deliberate act by an aggressor nation or terrorist group, launching a specific EMP causing device and […]

Aug 012013
Bug-out Alert :  MIT Study Shows Benefits to Travel Restrictions in Case of Epidemics

One of the problems we wrestle with is when we should bug out to our retreat.  When does a Level 1 situation become a Level 2 situation, and when should our strategy shift from staying where we are, to abandoning city life and bugging out to our retreat?  We’ve written about many aspects to do with bugging out and when we should do so before. A major concern when bugging out is to beat the […]

Jul 302013
The State of Our Nation's Infrastructure 2013

Every four years, the American Society of Civil Engineers releases a report card on the state of the country’s infrastructure, giving grades, state by state, to a number of elements ranging from the quality of drinking water to the number of bridges needing repair, from energy self-sufficiency to schools and parks. Not much of this has any direct relationship to us as preppers.  But there are some very weak correlations between a state that has […]

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