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Aug 102014
This Free Web Service Scooped the World on Ebola by 9 Days

As realistic preppers, we know that we don’t always get unfiltered ‘real’ news and sometimes there are ‘policy issues’ that intrude on how news is shaped and reported. This is particularly true of enormous potentially world-changing events.  While your local newspaper can be relied upon to be first to break the story if a local cat gets stuck up a tree, and also to give prominence to news that furthers their own ideological agenda, other […]

Aug 082014
Should We Worry About Ebola?  Perhaps Not (Yet)!

The news seems filled with stories about Ebola currently.  On Thursday the CDC issued its highest level alert, something it has only done twice before.  Today, WHO did the same, declaring it an international health emergency. Newspaper articles tell horrifying stories about Ebola being ‘out of control’ and overwhelming the national health systems of countries like Sierra Leone, and of victims being dragged into the streets and being left there to rot in Liberia. On […]

Aug 012013
Bug-out Alert :  MIT Study Shows Benefits to Travel Restrictions in Case of Epidemics

One of the problems we wrestle with is when we should bug out to our retreat.  When does a Level 1 situation become a Level 2 situation, and when should our strategy shift from staying where we are, to abandoning city life and bugging out to our retreat?  We’ve written about many aspects to do with bugging out and when we should do so before. A major concern when bugging out is to beat the […]

Jan 282013
Our Increasing Vulnerability to Bio-Events

You probably know that these days few retail stores maintain much inventory, and neither also do the wholesalers and distributors or even the original manufacturers (who also don’t keep much inventory of raw materials, either). This was most recently shown in an unexpected form – the surge in demand for firearms and ammunition subsequent to the Sandy Hook school shooting on 14 December.  As of today, six weeks later, most firearms and ammunition remains either […]

Sep 012012
Where Will the Next Epidemic Arrive Into the US?

The Spanish Flu Epidemic of 1918-1919 is something that could re-occur at any time, and if (when!) the next flu or other epidemic sweeps over the US, its effects will be much more severe than was the case 94 years ago. Sure, we have better health care now, but we also have less health care resource and less ‘surge’ capacity for sudden peaks of demand, and less inventories of medications.  We have fewer hospital beds […]

May 282012
Ticks and Other Bio-Hazards

In a Level 2/3 situation, the omnipresence of modern medical care that we have come to rely upon will be much less available.  We will be well advised to plan our lives so there will be less need to seek medical help. One issue to consider when choosing the location for our retreat is the presence of any insect-borne diseases, any particularly dangerous animals, and other such issues.  This involves not just looking at challenges […]

May 142012
Bio-risks and Pandemics

Two things make our society massively more vulnerable to what we term bio-risks – anything from deliberately introduced lethal diseases to the results of random mutation of regular viruses and bacteria already in our environments. But to start with, here’s an interesting fact.  Most diseases don’t like to kill too many people too fast, because they rely on living people for their own survival – as a host to live in, and as a means […]

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