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Apr 252014
Urban/Rural Imbalance Gets Worse

Almost exactly two years ago we wrote an article ‘Urban Drift : A Worrying Trend‘.  The commentary and conclusions in that article remain as valid today as then, only more so. The last two years have shown a continued move away from rural and non-metropolitan counties and to the cities.  When we wrote our article in May 2012, we said that about 80% of the country lived in urban areas and only 20% in rural […]

Jul 302013
Prepping on a Low Budget - Six Strategies to Get Out of Debt Quicker

Many of us feel a sense of anxious urgency about our prepping.  We know that if we suddenly find ourselves trapped in a Level 2 or 3 situation, we are not yet ready to be able to survive such a challenge; but what we don’t know is if/when a Level 2/3 situation might suddenly appear. To put it as bluntly as possible, the biggest constraint we have is the lack of cash to invest in […]

Jul 292013
Prepping on a Low Budget - Seven Thoughts About Borrowing Money

None of us have as much money to spend on prepping as we wish.  So we’re starting a new article series to help you become more financially free, and better able to invest in more complete prepping. Our financial lives revolve around two main factors.  The income we generate each month, and the money we spend each month.  Hopefully we spend less than we earn, of course. The issue isn’t so much the actual numbers […]

May 152013
Prepping Economics - Introduction - Why This Is Important

So there you are, planning how many tins of food you can store and how long it will last you in a Level 3 or Level 2 situation.  You’re counting up the bullets for your guns, and preparing to hunker down for a desperate and challenging time where life will be tough and uncertain, and you’ll be living hand to mouth with few creature comforts and no luxuries. Your bookshelf is full of items on […]

May 152013
Prepping Economics Part 1 :  Why the Dollar Will Fail - International Issues

Many preppers perceive that after TEOTWAWKI (ie a Level 2 or 3 situation) the present US currency will become of little value.  Their view of the future possibly revolves around using precious metals for currency and/or a currency-less situation that involves bartering. This six part series moves sequentially through the reasons why our current US dollar will cease to be of value if society should collapse, and then looks at the value and effectiveness of […]

May 152013
Prepping Economics Part 2 :  Domestic Reasons Why the Dollar Will Fail

This is the second of our six part series about prepping economics.  An index listing the other sections is at the bottom of this article, and if you’ve arrived here directly by following a link, you might want to consider starting at the first article and then reading your way through the articles in sequence. Domestic Impacts of Dollar Problems We considered some international vulnerabilities that could impact on our domestic economy in the first […]

Mar 262013
EU :  We Got Away With It in Cyprus, So We'll Do It Again

As we described in detail in our eight times updated article about the Cyprus banking crisis (which you really should read if you haven’t already), the EU forced the Cypriot government to seize funds from private bank accounts in that country to partially fund the EU’s ‘bailout’ of the Cyprus economy. Although private individuals, the world over, have reacted with astonished horror at seeing a government suddenly abrogate every notion of the sanctity of private […]

Mar 182013
Is Your Money Really Safe In The Bank?

(Note – there have been lots of developments since we first posted this story, and we’ve been updating it semi-realtime ever since, to keep it current.) In the US, one of the bedrock values of our society and our commercial system is the safety of our money when we deposit it in a bank. Every time we walk into a bank, we see the FDIC promise – often on the very doors we walk through […]

Feb 182013
Further Analysis on Continuing Gun and Ammo Shortages

It is now just over two months since the Sandy Hook shooting caused an increase in the rate of buying firearms and ammunition due to people’s concerns about new restrictive legislation, and their hope that the legislation wouldn’t apply retrospectively to existing firearms, magazines, and ammunition. We’re not primarily a firearms focused website, and our main perspective on this matter is to examine this real life example of our economy’s fragility and inability to quickly […]

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