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Jun 262012
Wood - the Wonder Material of any Level 3 Scenario

A level 3 situation is a long-term scenario stretching beyond anything we could live through on the basis of stockpiled resources.  We’ll run out of whatever energy we have stored, we’ll run out of whatever food we have stored, and we need to become self-sustaining. To be sure, we’ll enter a level 3 scenario with hopefully some advantages.  We’ll have a year or more of time to live on our reserves, and to transition to […]

Jun 232012
The Risk to Us of Someone Else's Nuclear War, Somewhere Else

One of the risks you probably consider is that of our country being attacked by nuclear weapons. In scientific terms, that would be termed ‘a helluva bad thing’ and we of course hope it never happens.  But if it does, we also hope that we’re not at any of the ground zeros, and that our preparations will enable us to survive through the difficult times that would inevitably follow. But what say two other countries […]

Jun 212012
Bugging Out Very Early - A Lifestyle Choice

Most preppers seek to cling to their current lifestyles as long as possible.  This is as true of the surgeon with his $500,000+ income as it is an office or blue-collar worker with a $50,000- income. So people prepare for an alternate life and alternate world that would greet them if/when they ever needed to respond to a Level 2/3 scenario and evacuate to their carefully prepared retreat, while maintaining their current vulnerable lifestyle.  Their […]

Jun 202012
EMP - What It Is, and Why You Should Fear It

Those of you in the Seattle area probably associate the letters EMP with Paul Allen’s quirky Experience Music Project at the Seattle Center.  But that’s most definitely not what we’re sharing with you now. We’re talking, instead, about electromagnetic pulses – a type of radiation burst typically created by the detonation of a nuclear device high above the earth, which creates electrical and magnetic fields capable of destroying just about any and all modern electronics […]

Jun 132012
How to Best Store Potatoes

Potatoes are an excellent crop to grow, and to store. Probably no other crop yields as much protein, or as many calories, when measured against the hours of work it takes you to grow, care for and harvest them.  Potatoes yield more calories per square foot of growing space than anything else, and more protein than anything except for legumes. Depending on the soil and your growing strategy, you can expect yields from about 1.25 […]

Jun 062012
Comfortably Surviving a Level 1/2 Event at Your Primary Residence

So something has gone wrong in part or all of your city or region, but you’re reasonably confident it will be resolved some time in the next few days; a week or two at the most. In other words, you don’t need to bug-out and move to your retreat location, so this is by definition a Level 1 situation. However, while you’re not forced to bug-out, you do want to enjoy as comfortable an experience […]

Jun 062012
Choosing an Ideal Retreat - The Huge Assumption Few People Question

So you’ve decided to take your prepping to the next level.  You’re graduating from merely having lots of dried food in the basement to deciding to now invest in a retreat; somewhere you’ll relocate to if/when society crashes and crumbles. Congratulations. Now let’s guess what it is you’re doing.  Our crystal ball suggests you’re doing two things. You’re looking at a map, with your current residence more or less centered, and you’re trying to work […]

Jun 052012
More on Cyber-Warfare

Here is an interesting two page article on the CNBC website. It is interesting and also has some irony in it.  The irony is that one of the best known ‘virus hunter’ companies out there, Kaspersky Labs in Moscow, is rumored to be associated with the Russian intelligence services.  Are they really friend or foe – good guys or bad guys? And even if not controlled by or working in cooperation with Russia’s security services, […]

Jun 042012
A Strategy to Protect and Enhance Your Assets and Wealth in a Level 2+ Situation

We’ve discussed before the certainty that in Level 3 situations, current forms of money will become irrelevant and close to worthless. We’ve also indicated that gold will become less valuable in an extended period of massive social and economic disruption – this being quite the opposite of what many preppers anticipate.  Everything we write below applies equally to Level 3 situations, but our comments start from looking at responses, in this article, to a less […]

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