About Code Green Prep and the Code Green Community

Welcome to the website of Code Green Prep.  And thank you for your interest in learning some more about us.

Code Green is currently (ie 2013) in the first stages of building a reasonably self-contained, self-supporting and self-sustaining retreat community.  Our first such community will be located in northern Idaho/Montana, and will comprise about 200 people.  Additional communities may be added subsequently, elsewhere in the country, too (next candidate is probably the Oklahoman pan-handle).

If you live anywhere on the west coast, even though you might immediately think the ID/MT retreat location to be too far away, it actually can be very practical, due to the Code Green ‘Halfway House’.

The Code Green community will be a positive part of the broader general community within which it will be situated, and will be supportive of and follow all local, state and federal laws.  At the same time, the Code Green community will be prepared for any possible future collapse of normal society and not only for the loss of all normal services, but also for an inevitable period of lawlessness.   We plan and prepare to replace and substitute the normal services that have become so essential to our daily lives, and also to protect ourselves and to assist our nearby friends and neighbors in mutual cooperation and defense.

Some people may choose to live in their Code Green residences year-round.  Others will treat it as a holiday home, visiting from time to time during the year, maybe enjoying holiday celebrations there.  Others may only occasionally visit, and some might almost never visit, but will be comfortable in the knowledge that their retreat is being taken care of, and will be ready for them should they ever need to ‘bug out’ and move to this safe and sustainable location.

The Code Green vision is different to most other typical ‘survivalist’ type projects, because we plan both for a positive living experience prior to any collapse in society as well as a positive and ongoing sustainable living experience for any amount of time subsequently, too.  Rather than seeking to hide away from the rest of the world (something we feel impossible, impractical, and undesirable), we prefer to interact positively with it.  While we are prepared to defend ourselves against any type of lawlessness, we do not seek to exclude ourselves from the rest of society around us; rather we wish to integrate with it on an appropriate win-win basis for all concerned.

We’re not just a subterranean nuclear bunker with a finite amount of stores that, when exhausted, becomes useless.  We’re not a group of anarchist mountain men plotting to overthrow anything.  We’re ordinary law-abiding good honest American folk, the sort of people you’d hope to have as neighbors and friends, wherever you live.  We believe in the importance of personal responsibility and the prudence of preparing for all futures, both good and bad.

We’re – hopefully – people just like you.  And you’re hopefully someone similar to us.  So why not become a part of the Code Green community, and participate in this practical approach to creating best case outcomes from worst case scenarios.

Please read on for how to become a part of the Code Green Community.

The Benefits of Belonging to a Prepper Community

Where to Find or How to Create a Suitable Prepper Community

How to Become a Part of the Code Green Community

The Code Green ‘Halfway House’

Want to Remain Totally Independent?  Then Become Our Neighbor

How to Contact Us

We look forward to hearing from you, and perhaps sharing a future together.

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  1. Steve selwyn

    I give a ‘preparedness’ seminar myself and very much like your 1,2, 3 view of crisis assesment. Would it be all right if I used the concepts, giving you the credit for origination, in my talks.

    Steve Selwyn

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