An Introduction to Prepping

Welcome to Code Green Prep.  We hope you’ll find it useful in understanding what prepping is, and in helping you decide what and how much to prep, yourself.

We’ve prepared a series of pages to introduce you to the topic.  Even if you are an experienced prepper, you might find some of this helpful, both to check your own appreciation of issues, and to assist you in explaining your thoughts to an often skeptical public.


1.  Who Are Preppers (The Answer Might Surprise You)

2.  A Growing Need to Prepare

3.  A Quick Economic History of the World from a Prepper’s Perspective

4.  New Risks and Vulnerabilities

5.  Less Support Resource

6.  Starting Your Own Prepping Program

7.  Prepping, Survivalists, and Guns

8.  Level 1, 2 & 3 Prepping Scenarios Explained


What next?  So you’ve read through these articles – well done!  You sort of know what next already then, from the suggestions in the last part on starting your own prepping program.

We suggest you now browse through the articles on our site, learning more about the concepts of prepping, the things to prepare for, and so on.

And – please – don’t just click on away from the site, never to return again.  Choose to receive our emailed updates as we add more materials to the site (see link on the right near the top of any page), and, most of all, don’t just read.  Do some things, too.

You don’t need to overnight have a Level 3 solution in place.  But you could probably drive to a local hardware store and order a generator, right?  Or at least, start saving your 2L Coke bottles and keeping emergency water in them?  And your next trip to Costco, you could buy one extra carton of some sort of canned goods, and start keeping a slightly larger inventory of reserve food in your house.

Perhaps the most exciting thing about Code Green is its ability to help people group together for mutual shared Level 2/3 responses.  There’s no way you can put together a Level 2/3 solution for under $250,000, and probably – if you do it properly – not for under $1 million, and unless you already have a group of fellow preppers to band together with, even the best stocked retreat will not adequately protect you, alone.

So, don’t be a stranger.  Keep in touch.  Comment on what we say – your thoughts, ideas and suggestions are always welcome.  Become part of the solution, rather than staying part of the problem!


One Reply to “An Introduction to Prepping”

  1. troy

    reading what you said about grouping together,theres alot of milita groups forming around the country and ive been following a large one in my state that is also apart of a national group that centers around the constitution.

    I’ve been reading what they have to say online from one place to the other, the boy in me is ready to join in. but the wise ole father of three wants me to keep my eye on them.

    What do you make of these folks ?

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