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This website covers topics related to prepping – the concept of preparing for adverse future events of varying degrees of likeliness and severity, ranging from reasonably foreseeable and minor events (a cut on your finger) to hopefully extremely unlikely events (the Yellowstone Super-volcano eruption, or a continent wide EMP event) – unlikely events but which could have catastrophic consequences.

In discussing these things and the preparations one can, could and should take to minimize the personal harm and inconvenience in any such future situations, we might be thought to be advocating certain actions on your part in preference to certain other actions.  If you decide you need to re-arrange your life so as to protect against terrorists exploding a dirty bomb in your neighborhood, and if your single-minded focus on protecting against that event means you are blindsided and unprepared for some other adverse event (an earthquake or flood, perhaps), don’t blame us.

We all have to make our own best guess decisions about the future challenges we wish to prepare for, and how we wish to carry out such preparations.  We all have to reach our own compromises between happily living an uncomplicated life with no care for possible future challenges at one extreme, and making our daily life a misery due to excessive preparations for exceedingly unlikely events.

These are all very complex issues.  In many cases, there are no clear perfect answers or solutions to the challenges and problems we discuss and which you may face, merely a series of successively less bad alternatives, or more happily, a series of equally good alternatives.

Similarly, there is no such thing as being perfectly prepared.  All preparing involves a compromise between present sacrifices (the ‘insurance premium’ we pay) and future paybacks we might receive (the insurance claim payout in the event of the disaster).  We all have a different comfort point on this scale, and we don’t wish to shift you beyond your comfort point.

We are talking about life threatening and life changing problems and how to anticipate, and avoid or ameliorate them in the future.  Unless you have unlimited funds to commit to preparing for all risks, any and every strategy you adopt will have compromises and weaknesses, vulnerabilities and imperfections, and this is true of every thing we discuss and suggest.

Although we write – sometimes at length – on these issues, of necessity everything we say is couched in terms of generalities, with the general advice we give being applicable to an unknown and varying degree to the specifics of each individual situation and circumstance.

You should not rely solely on the material on this website when planning your own responses to hypothetical challenges you might encounter.

The website and the information on it is all free.  You know what they say – advice is worth what you pay for it.  If you wish custom advice, you may purchase this from us, but the free information on this site is offered on the basis that we are not liable for its content or the consequences of your considering and possibly acting on the information we publish here.

We also include links to many other sources of prepping information, and on occasion, we may speak positively about the content we link to.  Nothing we say is to be taken as an endorsement or an acceptance of responsibility or liability on our part towards the content we link to and talk about.

You agree that you will hold us harmless and fully indemnify us from any consequences related to your accessing this website and reading the contents thereon, and your access to this site is conditioned on you agreeing to this provision.  We can not be and must not be liable for anything you read, interpret, understand or misunderstand on this site, and you must seek specific confirmation of anything and everything published hereon, and your appropriate understanding of it, before accepting and acting on it.

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