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Aug 312012
What Would Happen If All Vehicles Failed Simultaneously?

Let’s mix together a couple of known vulnerabilities and see what might happen. The first known vulnerability is the ‘just in time’ system whereby no supermarkets or pretty much any other business keeps a reserve stock of goods, relying instead on deliveries timed to arrive just as stocks are about to run out.  This is very dependent on the smooth predictable operating of our transportation system.  Ordering new supplies of a product that are three […]

Aug 292012
Motorcycles as Bug-Out Vehicles Part 1

If you are as fortunate as to have a retreat location somewhere, one of your concerns is how you might get there at a time when everyone else is leaving the urban region you normally live in, too.  If you don’t already have a retreat, one of the factors that will influence where you choose to buy/build/join one will be how practical it will be for you to ‘bug out’ (also termed GOOD – Get […]

Aug 272012
The Ugly Flip-Sides of 'Op-sec'

Many preppers love to boast about their Opsec. Sometimes they capitalize the term to give it (and them) even more (self)importance.  They particularly love to boast about how no-one for many miles around knows of their retreat location and their presence there. Some people simultaneously boast of the resilience of their retreat and then turn around and refuse to disclose even the state it is located within.  Why?  What are they scared of, with such […]

Aug 272012
Language as a Consideration When Choosing an International Bug Out Location

In thinking about possible international bug-out locations, an obvious variable is the degree to which a foreign location is filled with English speakers (or not!), and the degree to which we might already be or could become proficient at the language of the destination we are considering. We in the US are either blessed or cursed by being born speaking English.  English is not the most common mother tongue in the world – it is […]

Aug 242012
Bugging Out - To Another Country

When we are considering a retreat location, we are typically looking for somewhere that isn’t too impossibly distant from where we normally live. There are obvious reasons why this makes sense, but there’s also one obvious drawback :  Whatever the event was that caused a collapse of society at our normal residence will probably be affecting our retreat as well. So while our retreat gets us away from a dangerous and unlivable urban environment, and […]

Aug 232012
Two More Strategies For Responding to People Wishing to Join Your Community

The chances are that from time to time, you will have people approach and ask to join your community, and they will be good people who you’d like to be associated with, but the space and capacity constraints of your present retreat will be such that you simply can’t fit more people in. Some of these people might be known to you – people who, until now, have been mildly skeptical about your prepping, and […]

Aug 232012
Becoming Part of the Solution, Not Part of the Problem, Post TEOTWAWKI

In our article about the most dangerous ‘fourth wave’ of threats against your retreat and its members after a societal collapse, we talk about the risk and problems you’ll encounter from regional ‘power groupings’ and gangs; some of which may be true lawless gangs, others of which may be groups of people cloaking themselves in the mantle of semi/pseudo legitimate authority. Yes, you can resist such power groups, but we make the point that such […]

Aug 232012
Four Waves of Food and Shelter Seekers

Shortly after some type of disaster that disrupts the normal flow of food and energy into your nearby towns, people will be forced to leave their residences and fan out into the countryside, foraging for food (and subsequently shelter too).  That is obvious – if there is no food in the town/city, people can either stay where they are and die of thirst or starvation, or they can pro-actively start looking for food. People will […]

Aug 232012
Preparing for the Fourth - and Deadliest - Wave of Refugees, Bandits, and other Problem Groups

No-one really knows what to expect after TSHTF in an extended Level 2 or 3 situation, but it seems universally agreed that the starving masses will be forced to flee their city dwellings and do whatever it takes to survive, wherever they can find the opportunity and ability to do so. It is helpful to look at the types of people who will come out from the cities as a series of different waves, each […]

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