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Oct 162012
Prepper Type Investment Strategies

Here’s an interesting article written for ‘ordinary people’ rather than preppers, and listing a number of alternate forms of investment for people who are skeptical about the long-term (and possibly even shorter term) validity of traditional types of investment (such as stocks/shares and bonds). Number one on their list of alternate investments?  Guns and ammunition.  I was actually thinking about this as I walked the floor of a huge gun show in the Seattle area […]

Oct 142012
Every Person Requires 40 Tons of Freight a Year

The movement of people away from rural areas and into the cities has meant that food has to travel longer distances between the people who grow it and the people who eat it.  The evolution from lots of small manufacturing companies to only a few mega-companies (in each industry) has caused a similar increase in distance as between where products are manufactured and where they are sold/consumed/used. We can no longer obtain everything we need […]

Oct 092012
Detecting and Measuring Radiation

If you’ve ever seen any movie that features a radiation risk to the characters, you know what they do to measure the radiation.  They have a ‘Geiger counter’ device that makes a clicking noise, which increases in intensity until it sounds like a hailstorm on a tin roof when the characters are at risk of too much radiation.  Easy and simple, yes? Well, as you’ve probably already guessed, there’s a lot more to measuring radiation […]

Oct 082012
Radiation and Fallout Risks

One of the classic doomsday scenarios, often inappropriately given way more prominence than it deserves, is some type of nuclear event that results in a massive release of radiation. We think this is one of the reasons why underground bunkers are so popular.  But as we’ve analyzed in earlier articles, underground bunkers are seldom a good idea for preppers.  By the time you get to the underground bunker, it might be too late.  And, assuming […]

Oct 082012
An Unusual Risk - Are Terrorists Lighting Forest Fires?

One of the positive features of a retreat location is proximity to timber.  Trees and their wood can be used for many things – as an energy source for heating and cooking and many other things (even as a source of wood gas or ‘producer gas’ to power vehicles).  And of course, they can also be used as a construction material for just about any type of construction project, or for outdoor fencing, and so […]

Oct 012012
Not Quite the End of the World, but......

Our first ever article on this site was about how a fire in a factory in a small town in Germany had worldwide implications in terms of creating a global shortage of a material needed in the production of new autos (in their brake and fuel systems). This one fire in one factory created a supply chain problem for 3 – 6 months, and we used this to show the way the world is becoming […]

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