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Dec 262012
The Complicated Cost of Energy in a Level 2/3 Situation

The ‘comfort’ level – some might say, the degree of advancement – of a civilization or life style can be closely approximated to its energy usage. There’s a reason that we in the US are among the world’s largest consumers of energy, and it’s not that we’re wasteful.  It is because we enjoy a lifestyle that is generally better than most other nations around the world.  Just about anything and everything you do involves consuming […]

Dec 262012
GravityLight - A Fascinating New Type of Light and Power Source

Here’s a very interesting new concept currently in its development stage, with first trial units slated to ship in March 2013. Expressed simply, just like how old clocks were powered by weights that you’d lift up and then slowly sink down as they drove the clock’s mechanism, here is a light that uses a similar weight system for power.  The user pulls the 20lb weight at the end of the cord to the top and […]

Dec 252012
The Positive Difference between being a Prepper and being a Survivalist

It is hard to know what exactly to call ourselves, isn’t it.  And the name we use has been largely chosen for us, and in some cases, has been stolen away from us again. It is probably fair to agree that we used to consider ourselves – and I hesitate to use this word now – as survivalists.  That was our whole shtick, wasn’t it – we wanted to be sure we could survive whatever […]

Dec 252012
A Banking System Failure - A Slow but Sure Descent into a Level 1/2 Situation

The concept of a banking system failure is often thought of generically, together with other concepts such as, at the present, the ‘fiscal cliff’, and past things such as the S&L crisis, the mortgage crisis, over-paid greedy investment bankers, and other vague and hard to completely comprehend concepts that while clearly not good, generally have no immediate impact on us directly. Yes, it is true that all of these issues represent downsides to our current […]

Dec 252012
Why Slow Disasters May Be As Serious As Sudden Disasters

Much of what we think about and prepare for involves a sudden massive disaster that occurs with little or no warning.  We consider the effects of a sudden EMP or power grid failure that almost literally switches our lives and lifestyles from normal to nothing as quickly as flicking a light switch. These are all valid concerns and preparations, of course.  But we sometimes overlook the slower sorts of disasters that might also overwhelm society […]

Dec 162012
The World's GPS Network is Vulnerable to Take-Down by a $2500 Device

We offer this report to you not as an example of how the world as we know it might end, but just as another example of how the more sophisticated the systems and services we surround ourselves with, the more vulnerable we become.  The convenience they offer us blinds us to the added degree of dependence on which our lives and life styles are based. Back in the ‘good old days’ – ie before ubiquitous […]

Dec 042012
A Level 1 Event - Stuck In Your Car

You are probably prepared – in your home – for Level 1 events (see our definition of Level 1/2/3 events here).  But what say you are somewhere else – such as, for example, your car, when something occurs, not to much to the region, but to you directly?  How prepared are you for that? We’ve ourselves several times experienced what might perhaps be a personal Level ¼ or Level ½ event in a vehicle – […]

Dec 032012
The Only Place That Will Survive 12/21/2012?

Are you worried about the Mayan prophecy about the world coming to an end on 21 December, 2012? For the record, while we worry about and prepare for many things, this is one thing we’re not at all concerned about, but if it is a worry of yours, then, and observing the Prepper Code of Politeness, we’ll pass this bit of information on to you without (too much) comment. It seems that some ‘experts’ on […]

Dec 022012
How to Get Ten Times More Value From Your Stored Food

Most preppers keep three sorts of food supplies. The first type of supply is to keep larger than normal stocks of ordinary food items with typical two or three year expirations.  They simply eat this as they wish, in careful rotation, so that all food is eaten prior to it expiring, and as/when they see specials on these food items, they replenish their supplies at the best prices. This sort of food supply will be […]

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