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Jun 202014
States as Measured by Levels of Official Corruption

Here’s a dry-as-dust academic article that basically says that the ten most corrupt states in the US spent about $1300 per state resident more in government monies each year, perhaps as a result of that corruption. It is unsurprising that corrupt states overspend public money.  And, of course, we’d all probably prefer to live in an ‘honest’ state. There’s one reason in particular why we feel that honest states are important for us as preppers […]

Jun 182014
Designing Your Retreat for Personal/Health Problems

When we consider living at our retreat after TEOTWAWKI, we probably have a semi-heroic vision of ourselves and our fellow community members acting as modern-day Robinson Crusoes, struggling – successfully – against the various problems we expectedly and unexpectedly encounter in the very changed world that we suddenly find ourselves in. Let’s hope that’s the way things happen. But we must also realize that there’s every good chance that this vision is likely to be […]

Jun 172014
Selecting a Region in Your Preferred State With Likeminded People

Most of us have a preconceived view that some states are ‘better’ than others and more suitable for people wishing to experience a prepared lifestyle.  The American Redoubt region in particular seems to be considered by many as an ideal region, but that contains a handful of states and many counties and regions. Here’s a rather simplistic webpage that allows you to answer seven questions with yes/no/not applicable as answers, and to select a possible […]

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