NSA Director : Risk of Cyber-Attack on US is Growing

Four Star General Keith Alexander is the Nation’s Top Cyber-Warrior.

Here’s a somewhat unfocused article that covers a lot of topics, but which quotes Gen Keith Alexander, the Director of the National Security Agency, and also the head of the Pentagon’s Cyber Command unit (this unit is sort of explained here) as saying

The conflict is growing [and] the probability for crisis is mounting.

Not only does Gen Alexander see a growing probability for a cyber attack on the US, he also worries that our vulnerability to the effects of such an attack is growing more severe, too.

Our point is simply this.  We’ve been commenting, repeatedly, about our nation’s vulnerability to cyber attack.  General Alexander – a full four star general – is probably the person best placed to understand the scope and extent of our known vulnerabilities (note the emphasis on the word ‘known’ – our biggest fear is from unknown and unexpected vulnerabilities that none of us have even thought of yet) and he agrees with us.

We, as preppers, aren’t Chicken Little type doomsdayers, obsessed with nameless fears about things that will never happen.  Quite the opposite – in every respect, our concerns are shared by mainstream thought leaders.  The only difference between us as preppers, and most other people, is that we not only recognize the vulnerabilities in our society, but we also choose to respond pro-actively to them, to safeguard our future survival.

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