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How much ammunition - and how many guns - are enough?

We received an interesting response from a reader on the subject of how many guns a prepper should own, and when does it become excessive.

Here it is, slightly edited for form.

Thanks for your article on why preppers usually include firearms in their preparations.

I guess I’m a prepper of sorts myself (is there any definition of who/what a prepper is?) and wanted to share with you why I have more guns than you suggested.  Here’s a general sort of list of what I have and why :


1.  A .22 cal for plinking, training my children, practicing, and for small varmint shooting

2 & 3.  Two .223 cal for self-defense

4.  A 7.62×39 also for self-defense (in case I come across some 7.62×39 ammo and am low on .223 ammo)

5.  A .308 semi-auto for hunting or self-defense

6.  A bolt action .308 for hunting (commonality of ammo with #5 above)

7.  A .30-06 bolt action for hunting (due to the ubiquity of the .30-06 round)


1.  A long barreled multi-choke pump action 12 ga for shooting birds

2 & 3.  Short barreled 12 ga pump actions for self-defense


1 & 2.  Full size 9mm semi-autos

3.  Full size .45 cal semi-auto (as a spare, in case of running low on 9mm ammo and finding some .45 cal)

4.  Medium barreled .357 revolver (can take .38 too of course, another spare for ammo reasons)

5.  Sub-compact .380 semi-auto for concealed carry

6.  .22 cal for plinking and training and fun

Add all that up, and you’re looking at a total of not four or eight, but 16 firearms (and I’m not saying that is all I have, either).  But does that make me a ‘gun nut’?  I’m not even sure what or who a gun nut is, but I do know that some people would consider having this many guns to be seriously threatening.  It isn’t seriously threatening, it is just prudently preparing for a wide range of possible futures, especially to do with ammunition shortages.

I also read your comment about duplicate guns in case of failures.  That’s a good point – maybe I need to double up?  And as for how much ammo to store, that’s a good question too!

Anyway, thanks for the article.  I hope my comments add further to the discussion.

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  1. Julie

    As one who grew up around hunting and guns, and considering investing in guns in the very near future, but haven’t actually owned any guns in many years, I would be interested in any comments or recommendations you or other experienced gun owners can give as to “automatic” weapons; that is, how necessary are they, and what purposes best used for? The reason I am asking is due to the likelihood that (at a minimum) the automatic guns will soon be banned again — wondering if I should run out and purchase some while they are still available, or if most normal purposes (hunting, self defense) can be accomplished using the non-automatic types.

    • Marine74

      What you are referring to are semi-automatic firearms and their main advantage is their superior rate of fire I.e. being able to pull the trigger and not have to work the action in any manner for another round to be chambered and ready to fire.

      They are not necessary at all because contrary to popular opinion consistent correct training and live fire practice is what enables a person to be effective with a given weapon system. Typically semi-autos are more expensive and require more training than manually operated weapons in addition to being less reliable and more maintenance intensive. Another note…semi-autos require magazines to hold more than one round, if you don’t have mags you now have an expensive single shot.

      Only you can determine how much time and money you have to devote to this endeavor just remember once you choose seek out a qualified trainer and practice, practice, practice. Best of luck!

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