Code Green Prep : A Look Back at Our First Year

Happy First Birthday to Code Green Prep.
Happy First Birthday to Code Green Prep.

It is now exactly a year since our site went live.

It has been a busy year, with everything from the massive non-event of the prophesized end of the world on Dec 21, 2012 to a Presidential election, the result of which some people feel brought us closer to the end of the world as we know it than anything on Dec 21!

We’ve had our share of natural disasters too, but nothing even rising to a Level 1 type event other than at a micro-regional and very brief level, plus some manmade disasters – most notably the aftermath of the Sandy Hook school shooting and the headlong rush by the government to restrict our Second Amendment Rights.

Economically, we have suffered through the ‘theater of the absurd’ with the nonsense of sequestration being used as an excuse by the government to cut back on programs the public values while leaving their nonsensical pet projects untouched – indeed, on the same day the sequester started, our Secretary of State John Kerry was giving away a quarter billion dollars to the new government in Egypt (followed a few weeks later by half a billion given to the Palestinians by President Obama), both being societies that seem to have less and less in common with the west and our values, and more and more in common with regimes and religions implacably opposed to all we stand for.

A year with no Level 1/2/3 events can be considered a good thing, but it for sure in no way guarantees that the next year will be similarly blessed with good fortune.  If anything, it seems we are sailing ever more closely into the wind and could suffer a cataclysmic turnaround in our society at any unexpected moment.

Here, behind the scenes, we’ve been productive.  We’ve published just over 300,000 words of content during the year in 175 articles.  How much is that?  About the same as you’d see in four regular sized books – in other words, a huge amount, and more than twice our target level of output.  But there’s still such a lot more that is important and essential to get out to you, so we continue publishing as much as we can, as often as we can.

Most importantly, our huge big project – the Code Green Community – is slowly but steadily moving forward.  We’ve seen some strange other proposed communities suddenly blaze into view, and then fade away again, so when we fully reveal our community, we want to present you with sustainable certainty rather than speculative concepts that may go nowhere.  Stay tuned for more on this, as and when we feel it appropriate to share with you.

Most of this year we’ve been flying beneath the radar.  We are only now starting to get ourselves out there.  Again, we wanted to have a track record and a good solid library of credible content before introducing ourselves to the broader prepper communities.  We think we now have both those things; hopefully you agree, and hopefully also, you’ll start to generously share our site with your friends and link to it from other prepper resources.  Links are our veins and visits the lifeblood that flows through them.

We had 23 page views by visitors in our first full month (April 2012).  May saw us get into the hundreds, and in November we were into the tens of thousands a month.  Our next target – to get over 100,000 page views a month.

Thanks for being here during the last year.  Here’s hoping for another good year for the next twelve months too – yes, for us, and absolutely, for you too.

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