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Jan 282013
Our Increasing Vulnerability to Bio-Events

You probably know that these days few retail stores maintain much inventory, and neither also do the wholesalers and distributors or even the original manufacturers (who also don’t keep much inventory of raw materials, either). This was most recently shown in an unexpected form – the surge in demand for firearms and ammunition subsequent to the Sandy Hook school shooting on 14 December.  As of today, six weeks later, most firearms and ammunition remains either […]

Jan 222013
Evaluating Likely Weather at a Retreat Location

This is the second part of a two-part article on retreat weather issues.  Please click to visit the first part, What Sort of Weather to Hope For at a Retreat Location. Growing Degree Days Growing degree days (GDD), and sometimes referred to as Growing degree units (GDU), add an extra layer of sophistication to the growing season measurement that was discussed at the end of the first part of this two-part article. Growing season measurements […]

Jan 192013
Choosing Your Retreat Location Based on Nearby Population Density

Preppers have a love/hate relationship with nearby groups of other people, especially residents of towns and cities.  If the nearby people are friendly and also prepper types, then it is generally good to have supportive people nearby.  But if the people are ill prepared, then they are almost certainly going to present problems WTSHTF. Some proximity to people is a good thing, but too much proximity to people of unknown values is not so good.  […]

Jan 072013
The Ultimate Vehicles For Your Retreat?

If you found yourself suddenly gifted with several million dollars, and assuming you had some left over after spending money on all the usual things, maybe you might choose to treat yourself to a really neat vehicle to stick in your retreat’s garage. The issue of successfully defending your retreat against armed attackers post-WTSHTF is one of considerable debate.  Some people choose to ignore the issue entirely, and claim they have no need for serious […]

Jan 042013
Rural America's Decline Means Urban America's Increased Vulnerability

One of the greatest problems that encourages us to become preppers is that the overwhelming majority of people no longer provide/create/grow their own food. These days, over 80% of all Americans live in urban/suburban areas, meaning only one in five people are in the countryside, and not all of these rural dwellers are involved in food production.  Barely 100 years ago, the situation was almost exactly the opposite – for every one person in a […]

Jan 042013
Prepper Lessons from the Recent Surge in Gun Sales

On December 14, 2012 – some three weeks ago – a crazed gunman killed 20 children and six adults at Sandy Hook Elementary School. It is hard to say which happened most quickly immediately thereafter – calls for the banning of just about all firearms, or people rushing to buy guns and ammunition due to fears they might be banned. The media (which is predominantly anti-gun) has been full of stories, almost every day since […]

Jan 032013
Wind Power - Maybe Not as Good as Hoped?

One of the essential requirements of any retreat has to be some type of renewable energy source. As we’ve stated elsewhere on the site, the ultimate and paramount issue in any post-WTSHTF scenario is availability of energy.  Almost everything else in your life is or will be energy dependent – certainly shelter, definitely food, and maybe even water too.  Whether the energy comes from yourself (worst case scenario), from hoarded supplies of energy sources such […]

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