Where to Find or How to Create a Suitable Prepper Community

As you’ve perhaps read already, becoming part of a positive prepper community is probably the most important thing you can do to optimize your future survival.

But where can you find such a community?  How do you know if they would be a good choice for you or not?  You’re almost literally trusting your life (and the lives of your loved ones) to such a community; you need to be sure you’re making the right choice.

Please read through the following four common choices and our analysis of the appropriateness of each.

Moving to a Place ‘Full of Like Minded People’

Joining a For-Profit Bunker Survival Facility

Creating Your Own Community Group

Joining an Unofficial Community

The Code Green Community

So we saved the best for last!  There is one approach we urge you to consider, and that is joining the Code Green Community.  Everyone in the community is a dedicated prepper, and everyone has committed themselves to being a positively participatory member of the community.  You truly are surrounded by like-minded souls, joined in a shared common purpose, and you truly are becoming part of a solution not just for a finite short term, but potentially for the open-ended extended future.

The Code Green community is a place you could happily move to and live in full-time if you wished, a place you could visit as regularly or irregularly as you wished, or a place you can keep available for emergencies.

Please now read on about how to become a part of the Code Green Community.

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