Want to Remain Totally Independent? Become Our Neighbor

We know that some people have a fierce streak of independence running through them, and a healthy reluctance to rely on anyone or anything else, particularly in a dire Level 2/3 situation.

We understand and respect such an approach.  We don’t fully agree with it (see our article on the benefits of becoming part of a larger prepper community and our general ongoing series about prepper community related issues) but that’s your decision to freely make, any which way you choose.

Probably, in turn, you see some benefits in becoming integrated into a broader community of like-minded people, but perhaps you don’t want as close an integration as we are proposing, and perhaps you have your own definite ideas about the type of retreat you wish to build and the methods in which you’ll become viably self-sustaining into the future.

We see this as a very healthy divergence of opinion and an overall enrichment for the community you loosely join as a whole.  The more different opinions and approaches, and the more diversified the community as a whole becomes, results in less of a ‘putting all your eggs in a single basket’ syndrome for us all.  When the chips are down, and we’re all doing the best we can to survive, the more data points and different approaches going on, the better the chance we have of, somehow and some way, getting an optimum approach.

So – our suggestion to you is simple.  If you’d like to do entirely your own thing, by all means do so.  In such a case, please consider becoming our neighbor.  You and we both benefit by the presence of each other and by the formation of a more numerous and wide-ranging – both in terms of geography and opinion – group of prepping type people.

We will have lots for sale in various sizes and shapes.  Maybe one of these could be the starting point for your own retreat development.  If not, there’s plenty of other land around us too, and maybe you can find something nearby that meets your parameters.

If nothing else, do keep in touch.  Choose to get our emailed updates, follow us on Twitter, or whatever.  Swap stories with us, let us know what you’re doing and what is working and not working for you.

We’re not competitors in this game of life.  We’re colleagues.  And hopefully will be neighbors, too.

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