How to Join the Code Green Community

One of the cornerstones of the Code Green Credo is the need for people to band together to form a community.  A larger group of people can better withstand the struggles and stresses of a Level 2 or 3 situation than can a single family by itself.

The essential value of a larger group of people joined together in common cause – whether in terms of the broader range of talents and skills that a group of people have, the greater wisdom it collectively possesses, or in terms of a larger available resource of manpower for times when a surge in manpower is needed (eg crop harvesting), or in terms of essential things like self-defense – is clear.  There are also significant financial economies of scale that can be obtained when people group together.

These economies of scale are important.  They can save money in setting up a retreat community, and can subsequently save money and vital resources when the community comes together in a time of crisis.  For example, a well for ten families does not cost ten times as much as a well for one family.  A large multi-family dwelling does not cost as much as ten single family dwellings – and, of vital future importance, is also greatly more energy-efficient and much easier to maintain and defend.  Instead of ten independent families each needing to buy ten sets of infrequently used but essential tools, ten families together need only buy one (or two) sets of the tools.  And so on through many other examples where groups can enjoy financial economies of scale.

With a group of people, you can have individuals specialize in specific skills, and you can have ‘mass production’ of products and services, giving the community more efficient provisioning and a broader range of resources.  With a small group of five people, four of them could not support the fifth person as a full-time dentist, for example, but a group of 200 could better support a dentist.

So, if you find yourself agreeing with much of what you read on our site, and if you’re looking for a lawful ‘best practices’ approach to creating a secure retreat that you can rely upon if any type of ‘worst case scenario’ descends upon us, then we invite you to consider joining our community.

Becoming a part of the Code Green community requires three things :

1.  Being Located Within Reach of the Community

Clearly, you need to be able to reach our Community in times of need.  How far is too far to be practical?  That’s a good question, and we answer it on this page, here.

2.  Sharing Similar Values and Positively Adding to the Community

Both you and we want to be with people who have generally similar (but not necessarily identical) values and views.  And in our community and its daily struggle to viably survive in what will be a cruel and unforgiving world, we must have everyone willing to ‘earn their keep’ and do their fair share.

These issues are explained further on this page.

3.  Financial Implications

Lastly, what will this all cost?

The short answer is ‘it depends’.  The slightly longer answer is ‘no more than you can afford, and you can’t afford not to choose to participate’.  And for the fully detailed answer, yes, you guessed it.  Please click to read more about the financial side of joining the Code Green Community.

Next Step

If you’d like to explore further the possibility of joining a Code Green community, please contact us to start a dialog flowing.  It is a small first step that hopefully will lead to great things in a more secure future.

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